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For spiritual explorers, adventurers, seekers... Want more peace, power, or purpose in your life? Come discover how shamanism--the world's oldest path of wisdom-seeking, healing and growth--can help you get it.

For 1000s of years, shamans have used powerful methods for spirit healing, inner peace and power to help people live happy, healthy, thriving lives in balance with the world around them.

This group is a place to learn how to transform your life with those methods. My life was transformed when I discovered shamanism in 2008, and I want to share the magic with you now.

The main method is a "journey", a shamanic meditation where you expand your consciousness to get help, healing, guidance and power from "something bigger" than normal reality (also know as 'spirit', the 'universe', the 'quantum field'...)

The group meets Friday evenings in Aquilla Health and Fitness, a short walk from South Kensington Tube (on the Picadilly, Central, District lines.)

I've been a shamanic healer since 2010, teaching and leading groups since 2011. In 2012, I started and ran the first 'Chelsea Shamanism' meetup offering talks, workshops and retreats to 100s of people. I stopped it in 2015 due to my girlfriend's illness but I'm back now and ready to go.

Remember, your life is part of patterns much larger than you know. And you're surrounded by 'something bigger' that wants you to live an amazing life.

All you need to do is ask for help...

What are you waiting for?

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Introduction To Shamanism: Visit Your 'Spirit Healing Garden'

Aquilla Fitness Studio


Introductory Class and Journey Circle with Andrew Wayfinder, Organizer Come discover how powerful you really are... This night is an introduction to shamanic journeying--a shaman's most basic skill. Everyone is welcome! For 1,000s of years shamans have used their minds for healing and wisdom seeking. And they have developed many ways to get power, healing, wisdom and initiation for their clients and their communities. The simplest, safest, most reliable way is to use a drum beat to create a powerful focus and awareness in your mind. And that's what we'll be doing. In this simple, profound ceremony you will learn to visit your "Spirit Healing Garden" to ask for help, healing or guidance for anything in your life that's troubling you. Schedule. 7:15pm. Greeting & introduction to shamanic journeying. 7:30pm. Warm-up journey. Practice & fine-tune your technique. 7:40pm. 'Spirit Healing Garden' Journey. 8:00pm. Sharing, questions, closing. The ceremony is open to everyone. And we have the room until 8:30 so I'll have tie to answer lots of questions at the end. If you’re a beginner, the drum makes everything easier… If you’re experienced, the drum makes everything deeper… Come and see what you will find. See you there, Andrew :-) PS. This is the single, most powerful and useful journey I know. So I make sure to teach it to everyone!

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