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Carve a Wooden Spoon!
So many of the items that we own today lack a beautiful, rich story. Most of our items were made in a factory far away by people we don’t know and often under conditions that we might rather not know about. But that wasn’t always the case… Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t own much, but every item had a beautiful, rich story. You would know who made it, when it was made, and all of the circumstances surrounding it. Your items were a part of you, your community and your environment. They tell a story… This class will include wood selection, knife safety and ancient perspectives on creating a functional work of art that brings harmony to the journey of carver and the one-legged (tree) being that supplied the wood. The bowl of your spoon will be burned with a hot coal from the fire (which, by the way, we’ll start with a hand drill in the Old Way). Please bring food to share for a potluck lunch around the fire as we work on our spoons. Cost for this experience is $45. Children are welcome with adult supervision. Children who have worked with me before may be allowed without an adult. You must supply your own knife (I can direct you to an excellent knife available over the internet for about $20). 11am-4:30pm This spoon is made from black walnut This spoon is made from a branch of the oldest alligator juniper tree in the world, over 2000 years old.

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Wisdom Keepers is for anyone who wants to learn more about ancient skills and deep nature connection. You need no special skills or experience level, just a passion to learn and share. Some events are adult only, and other events are open to children and families. Wanna make a basket, forage for wild foods and medicines, make a bow, start a fire by rubbing sticks together, or catch fish with a hook and line you made yourself from nature? Want to make friends and find community while you're having fun outdoors?

Now more than ever, we need the solid foundation provided by ancient skills and our deep connection with nature. Through this journey of re-learning, we see the interconnectedness of all things. We learn the value of self-reliance and discover our unique gifts to benefit humanity. We find stillness. We expand our awareness, cultivate patience and self-discipline, develop empathy and express gratitude. We share. Our critical evaluation skills improve with our intuition. We learn to meet the challenges of the natural world and seek to understand who we are and why we're here. We laugh, go on adventures, and have lots of fun, too!

Some events will have a cost and others will be free to the community. Please let us know if you have a special skill to offer or if there is a topic that you'd like to learn more about.

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"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors. Seek, instead, what they sought."

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