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Everyone is born with the intuition but not everyone trust it. Many have also suppressed their gifts out of fear or because our society has yet ti understand the power of the unseen. or accept the full power of woman.

The Wise woman is an alchemical and interactive journey for you to ignite your spiritual and womanly gifts. A safe space for the sensitive, empathic and intuitive to explore and develop their abilities.

Throughout this course we will be learning how to awaken and sharpen your natural intuitive and psychic abilities. The focus of this class is identifying your strongest psychic gift and apply it practically to your everyday life.

This course is for beginners and those who are already on their path simply needed support, build confidence and understanding. We are redefining sisterhood as well as cultivating techniques and a deeper connection to Spirit.

Learn to clear the mental chatter and trust your inner wisdom.

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Sunrise Meditation Hike

Stone Mountain Park

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