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Welcome New Friends to Wise Women Over 50 Meetup!

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We are Diana Coburn (Organizer) and Jan Edwards (Co-Organizer).

I'm Diana. I grew up in SB, moved away a couple of times (Seattle, the Virgin Islands +), and have been here now for 9 years. I'm a Caterer and Culinary Instructor with a passion for creative, fresh, and inspiring dishes. My husband and I have a 23 year old daughter and a 26 year old son. I took over this group about a year ago, out of a desire and need to meet and be seen, recognized, and understood by women like me (and like you!) and have enjoyed expanding my community and building new friendships.

My business: https://www.facebook.com/CoburnCookingCatering/?ref=br_rs

I'm Jan. I'm a "newbie!" I grew up in El Segundo. After raising my sons (ages 34 and 21) in Huntington Beach for 22 years, I decided to simplify and lighten my life, get rid of almost all possessions, and take my businesses on the road. After visiting Santa Barbara in 2017, a seed was planted, and I moved here July 1, 2018 to begin my next chapter. I'm a Ghostwriter - Editor and Genius & Joy Life Guide, and Co-organizer of another Santa Barbara Meetup Group (Spiritual Introverts), with a desire to build my new "tribe," share wisdom, explore self-discovery, inspire others, and be inspired.

My businesses/Youtube/Blog sites/Facebook: https://linktr.ee/edwards.jan

We are vital women over 50 years young who meet, get to know each other, share our stories, our desires, and our wisdom, discover and embrace our authentic selves, develop empowered connections, and have fun, engaging in experiences that enhance our lives.

We have 2 (sometimes more) meetups per month, one planned by Diana and one planned by Jan, to appeal to and respond to the diverse desires and requests of our group members. Some gatherings will be on weeknights. Others will vary, depending on the activity and venue. Each will be announced ahead of time.

Some meetups will be a simple get together for coffee, happy hour, a meal, a game, a movie, a walk, or crafting. Some will be deeper adventures into self discovery, women empowerment, "next thing discussions," story sharing, anti-aging, networking, nature appreciation, body wisdom, book signings/talks, hikes/picnics, drum circles, tai chi, Qigong, farm/garden tours, meditation/mindfulness/guided breath work, culture, journal or writing workshops, health, art, music/concerts, beach sunset circles, classes in art, cooking, gentle yoga for seniors, games, retirement, esoteric activities, and more.

Member Dues are $10 per year, to cover Meetup costs and our time (Meetup takes a percentage of this, so we actually receive $8.50). Upon joining, you have a 60 day grace period, offering you a chance to attend an activity or two before payment is due. Should you decide not to become a member, we offer you attendance at 2 activities per year at no charge and $2 per activity for over 3 activities per year. (So, if you plan to attend more than 5 activities per year, it will benefit you to pay the membership dues, rather than $2 per activity as a non member. Keep in mind that if you decide to attend a few activities as a non member, you will not have the member benefit of receiving emails notifying you of upcoming activities, updates, changes, and other news, so you will need to remind yourself to check out site for this info.)

If you invite a guest to any of our activities, the same policy applies to your guest.

Also, please keep in mind the name and purpose of this group (Wise WOMEN-not men-over 50) and be sure your guest fits our group ID (women over 50). There is a unique, special, and rich essence that bonds the gathering of women over 50 that we want to treasure and strengthen. While your husband/boyfriend/ daughter may love to join you, this is not the group to accommodate that. Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to meeting each of you and to sharing our stories, our work in the world, our wisdom, our journeys, our visions, and ourselves!

Diana & Jan


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Upcoming events (5+)

Wise Women Over 50 Coffee & Conversation

3315 State St

Welcome to Wise Women Over 50's 1st "Coffee & Conversation" of 2019! This regularly scheduled event is hosted and co-organized by member, Ann Harbaugh, who will be responding to your comments, questions, and RSVPs. Please be sure to go to the correct Renaud's, uptown in Loreto Plaza. Renaud's phone & website:[masked]https://www.renaudsbakery.com/­

Channeling Gathering with Is.a.Bell!

Santa Barbara

We are welcoming for the first time to Santa Barbara Gita Rose, channeling Is.a.Bell, an intuitive agent for galactic transformation. "We are all Is.a.Bells! We are all our own unique instruments in the greater orchestra! Meet "Bella," short for Is.a.Bell, offering a wide variety of perspectives on many different topics to ultimately help individuals navigate and create the realities and lives they most prefer. Bella is a Second Phase Contact Specialist. She maintains the messages of her teachers before her, but now adds her own perspectives on the importance of the emotional body and true integration. Inner contact is what leads to the external contact and to ultimate transformation." Based in Santa Cruz California, Gita Rose has been channeling Is.a.Bell, for about 10 years but did not make her first public appearance until early this year. I (Jan Edwards) had the pleasure of attending it and receiving a personal reading from her, and I can testify that she is the real deal. Some attendees will have an opportunity to ask a question or two for a personal intuitive channeled reading in front of the group. Gita will also be able to schedule one on one private readings with Is.a.Bell on a future date, for those in attendance. This is not just for "Wise Women Over 50." I am co-organizer of another Meetup, "Spiritual Introverts," and promoting this event in that group, as well as a few Facebook groups, so we may have as many as 30 or 40 people, but definitely 15 to 20. Location: Our exact Santa Barbara location is a beautiful, peaceful, private residence in the foothills about 1 & 1/2 miles from the mission and will be sent in a private message to those who rsvp through the Meetup groups, or in a private FB message to those who rsvp through Facebook. Tickets: $20-$40 per person at the door (option to donate over $20 if you feel called and blessed with this experiential event), cash or Venmo. Includes event, refreshment, and MP3 recording of the entire event. Gita Website: http://gitarose.com/sample-page/ Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/349266638985480/?ti=cl Gita Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gita.rose.3?jazoest=265100120536510377122118577255777810011310611766537811610177665548531051205669818845788410248991031036610710311958651001195775957484887810568537911211186711029783751135774108818457561186878828911780107113491039754518281

Wise Women Over 50 Happy Hour Women's Circle

To be announced

(We are looking for a volunteer to offer their home. Max rsvp's set for 20, to allow for avg 1/3 no shows/cancelations. If you are interested and have seating for 10-13, please let us know.) Join us Thursday, instead of Wednesday (to switch it up!) for our monthly Wise Women Over 50 Happy Hour! This February Happy Hour will feature a Women's Circle (similar to the one last Fall), with a conversation theme that you can share in if you wish, or just sit back and listen. Informal and organic, this Happy Hour invites you to sit and savor, share your plans, dreams, needs, gratitude, thoughts, or whatever you feel called to share...all while enjoying food and drink in the company of a trusted circle of like minded women. As we gather together in the relaxed atmosphere of a peaceful private home and warm up in this chilly February month, we'll make time for cozy conversation, meet new friends, reconnect with those we already know or have met and want to know better, and build a connection with a beautiful community of women who hold space for wherever we are in our journeys, whatever that may look like. Bring: Happy Hour dish (potluck) or drink to share (wine, water, tea, or beverage Open mind and light heart Location: TBA (Accepting offers) We will be gathering in the home of one of our members. To protect the privacy of the homeowner's residence, the address for this Women's Circle Happy Hour will be emailed to those who have rsvp'd. Parking: Free and will be in the email.

Time & place TBA

To be announced

Make time for conversation! Meet new friends, have a drink and a bite, build a connection with your new community. We provide a way to connect with other women to get out, socialize, explore Santa Barbara, and make new friends. Join us!

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Wise Women Walking

Shoreline Park

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