Wise Women's Council in Ojai

This is a past event


In this Wise Women's circle we connect with each other to open up a space of possibility and new beginnings to honor the Wise Woman within and declare our commitment to the transformation of the planet. We come together as a strong community, ready to tackle new growth spurts and build a solid anchor of wisdom and maturity, a healing vortex where seeds of love, compassion and collaboration are planted. Inspired by Native American elders’ councils, these circles are designed for women who are seeking to reinvent their lives and are looking for physical, emotional and spiritual support to take a leap of faith towards new beginnings

In this month's circle, we'll be reflecting on the gifts of the summer season, literally and also as a metaphor of times in your life when you got to shine. We'll focus on the gratitude for the abundance that life offers, so palpable in the summer season.

Please join us for a spirited, supportive council.

To pre-register, please go here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wise-womens-council-in-ojai-tickets-48382763147