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Witches of Cascadia Monthly Meetup

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This is the original Portland Witches Meetup that has been going since 2002. We are not in any way or shape affiliated with the Portland Witches and Pagans Community Network, and are listed there despite having asked several times to be removed. That "Network" is just a calendar, is owned by someone in San Diego, 3/4 of the members live in the SW US, and is of dubious intent.

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Here is another opportunity to get together and create community. We are now having our monthly Meetups at Chinese Village Restaurant, which is easily reached by car and Trimet, and which graciously provides their banquet room to feed our rowdy selves -- or they might just want to hide us away. This Meetup is meant to be a networking opportunity to meet other Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Goddess worshippers. It is not a class; there is never an agenda or anything particularly structured. This doesn't mean you can't learn anything at a Meetup. Ask any question you want. There are many very experienced people who are regulars, we usually enjoy answering questions. I find we DO talk about Pagan and Witchy stuff when someone actually asks us about the subjects. We had some nice visitors from Israel who didn't know anything about Paganism, and so, we talked and talked about Paganism. As always, there is no charge for this Meetup, but it is a restaurant, so do be prepared to buy at least a little something to make it worth the restaurant's efforts to provide the banquet room for us. Remember -- in case I forget to remember, which I have been known to do -- we have Pagans and Witches of Irishtown Meetups on the 1st and last Wednesdays of EVERY month at Irishtown Pub in Vancouver. Those are great fun.


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