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Welcome Everyione,

This meetup was created for all who are interested in finding local groups, covens, temples etc. to celebrate, maybe become members of and attend events provided the myriad of pagans in the TriState Area.

So how did all this come about? As the organizer of some of the many pagan events in New York City, we know how difficult it can be to organize and run your many events. We will be the first to say that organizing a group, coven, Temple etc. is never easy. We began with 5 people to… I would say we have had as many as 300 at some of our events in the NYC area and still growing.

There are so many fun and informative events in the New York in general to attend and most do not know of them. We hope that this can become the forum for all pagan groups, covens, temples to get support for all their many events. Show them and us that we appreciate all their many efforts to provide a community for us to reach and celebrate with. Think of the effort, monies, wisdom, strength of will and many man and woman hours put into presenting you with these events because it is their passion. All of which without your support with attendance will eventually cease to exist.

Some Events are Pagan, Medieval, Renaissance etc. oriented and some are just plain old fun. To name a few: (do hope they do not mind )

The Witches Masquerade Ball

The Medieval Festival

The Annual NYC Witches Masquerade Bal

NY Pagan Expo

Long Island Beltaine

Pagan Pride Project

The Annual Beltane in Central Park

Beltaine: A Pagan Oydssey

Comic Con (oh yeah it’s fun)

Wicked Faire


We hope with this site that we can create this as one of the best resources for Pagans in general. As New Yorkers we like to find out about pagan events in the TriState area, National or International to attend.

We are a group of witches here to share many common interests and work together effectively towards a common goal. This group can be structured in whatever way its leaders and members choose.

To be a support, consciousness-raising, and religious and non-religious group or congregation all rolled into one...At the same time, it becomes an entity in itself, with a personality of its own.

We will always be welcoming, friendly, and inviting to all Wiccans, Witches, Druids etc. and other Neopagans.

As of the present time we do not have what you would call a permanent place but we are definitely striving towards that, as are many of us that have formed a group, coven or community of their own. By taking this first step, in trying to establish that goal.

Like any spell or prayer, you do the spell but you must also put in the work to achieve and make that spell come to fruition, hence WitchsFest USA.

We have also created www.witchsfestusa.org where all pagan groups, covens, temples etc can have their events exposed to the pagan community at large for free: Sabbats, Esbats, Fund Raisers, Charities, (events only no classes) for the general support of the pagan community. We only ask that in exchange we help promote one another, not compete, but rather assist each others groups/covens/temples in fostering the many amazing pagan communities around us.

With the forming of this viable community, each one of us has chosen to make this dream a functional reality. To do this, we pledge ourselves to these goals. We know our path is not an easy one, but we will gain what we invest.

Try? There is no try. There is only Do or do not! --Yoda

For this reason we would like to build WitchsFest USA into becoming one of the 'big festivals’ as one of our Fund Raisers that everyone looks forward to going to every year. One where they can have fun, improve the perception of the general public and in the interim we can also raise funds for our ‘Building/Space Fund’. Real Estate in New York City being VERY expensive so it may take us some time and great effort, but with all of our intents we will make it manifest. YOU WILL BECOME OUR SUPPORT GROUP as we all strive to achieve a common goal and make great things together.

Additional reasons:

· Creating a Family Friendly Pagan & Non-Pagan Friendly Environment

· Creating A Better Community – We have brought the community together since 2005, for many different events. Our years of teaching since 1995 has been a learning experience for us while developing our working partnership and learning how to deal with a largely diverse and often transitional group of newcomers to the Craft.

. Celebrating with this community - all the Sabbats, from Ostara to Yule and even forming our own Annual NYC Witches Masquerade Balls which began in 2005.

· Working diligently with a great group of amazing people in the forming of The Wiccan Family Temple begiinning in 2005. Followed by The WFT Academy of Pagan Studies in 2007. Forming also, The NYC Pagan Council, to bring awareness to all Pagans of the many injustices and crossing of our civil rights. Despite us almost giving up on some of the many ideas we've had, we have persevered thus far.

· As such, we would like to have many Groups/Covens/Temples be involved in this in one form or another.

· Networking and Bringing together a diverse number of people of varied Pagan Religions and Traditions coming together and networking with each other, forming a common bond and doing great things together.

· Reclaiming or just plain Claiming the right to Ownership of our Religion & our Temple such as it is – As Witches we will create positive changes, among ourselves and in the world around us.

· Open to solitaries, groups and covens, celebrating and experiencing the pagan holidays together.

· Creating opportunities for everyone on many levels by opening the space for all of our community as a place they will feel welcomed at all times to house many events, workshops or classes.

· Setting an example in the community at large – Especially the publics perception.

· Recognition and Our Reputation – We are a small temple in the New York City area, with a handful of committed individuals but we do have a place in the hearts of many. And thus we have a responsibility to the community at large and have earned our place within it.

· Fun – The key ingredient in this plus the freedom to just be who we are among our own.

Dedication to each other and to those who will join us in the future. Commitment is the most vital factor to our success. We are each other's guides and teachers. We would all do well to encourage and emulate those qualities we admire and experience in ourselves and each other.

Work together. Ours is a path of action. To repeat an old phrase, either you cut bait, fish, or mend the nets, lines and boats, but everyone contributes to the best of their abilities.

Building and maintaining community. Community is best maintained when everyone in it knowingly participates in its process. As Alexander Hamilton said to Aaron Burr "My country, sir, right or wrong. When it is right, keep it that way; when it is wrong, correct it."

Seek to influence events to bring liberty, love and enlightenment. By liberty, we recognize that we are free to do what we want for good or ill, and thus we strive to fearlessly accept the consequences of our actions.

So please do join us in this ground breaking quest to finally have a physical space that is a Pagan Temple in NYC, an actual Temple. OH YEAH!

So Mote It Be! www.witchsfestusa.org.

Upcoming events (5+)

12th Annual Beltane Sabbat Celebration & New Moon Ritual

Tompkins Square Park


A PARTICIPATORY RITUAL WHERE EVERYONE IS A PARTICIPANT. Circle casting will begin by 7:15pm. Please try to be on time. Thank You! $15.00 charge in person and $16.50 via paypal (please bring your receipt) Attire: suggested attire color white or black (not required for attendance). EVERYONE OF ALL AGES ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US. PLEASE ALSO BRING WINES, JUICES, CAKES, COOKIES FOR US ALL TO SHARE. IF ANYONE HAS HAND INSTRUMENTS PLEASE bring them, as we create our own music.

Wicca Studies Classes 1st Degree

440 Studios -Studio 3C, 3rd Floor


The Many Traditions For Witches • WFT Tradition • Druidism • Covenstead • Solitary • Kitchen Witch • Folk Witch • Green Witch • Eclectic Witch • Urban witch • The Celtic Tradition • Faery Wicca • Gardenian Wicca • Minoan Sisterhood / Brotherhood Wicca • Asatru HOME WORK – research and find out info on these and write up about them, about a paragraph and a half of each and hand it in at the next class The Many Traditions For Witches Cont… • Kitchen Witch • Folk Witch • Green Witch • Eclectic Witch • Strega • The Celtic Tradition • Faery Wicca • Alexandrian Wicca • Dianic Wicca Classes are $38 - PLEASE bring your receipt to class if paying through PayPal. Academy of Pagan Studies offers the most comprehensive, well-planned and affordable training available anywhere. We have a very interactive community based program. We provide many sources of learning that go into each and every class, which surpasses others when learning about Wicca / WitchCraft in New York City. We offer First through Third Degree training. Additionally we have many other Witch Crafting Classes & Workshops including: Herbal Intensive Series, Starlight Vision Series and much more, such as tarot, pendulum use, candle craft, magickal herbs, spell craft, runes etc. What is wonderfully unique about WFT Academy of Pagan Studies is that it allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment. You will be challenged and we do invite those who welcome this challenge to our Academy. We take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Wicca / WitchCraft. Before considering enrollment and training at WFT Academy of Pagan Studies keep in mind that it is a life-path commitment. Within our Academy there is an enormous amount of Community Interaction through the use of meetups, and now our newly formed private FB group just for our students to converse, further enabling you to increase your knowledge and learning as well as providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. The Academy is truly a Spiritual Home and we welcome you to make it your own! We have Degree-specific Study to discuss challenging lessons, facilitate rituals celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats as well as for healing and self-empowerment, all in a friendly and open atmosphere. We also hold Degree dedications marking the stages of your training as you move through the Academy*. We have found that many of our Students find it wonderful to be in a group learning environment that they can consider a Community Home. We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of training programs and as such offers many other Elective Craft courses and training opportunities for seekers of knowledge and magickal expertise. We encourage you to visit our CURRICULUM PAGE & CRAFT CLASSES PAGE for a complete list of current and future programs. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING THESE CLASSES, PLEASE GO TO http://www.wftacademyofpaganstudies.org/registrationcurriculum/1st-degree-registration-application/ YOU CAN JOIN IN THESE CLASSES AT ANY TIME, AND CATCH UP WITH THE CLASSES YOU MISSED NEXT TIME IT COMES AROUND. There is a one time fee per year of $33.00 registration fee. http://www.wftacademyofpaganstudies.org/registrationcurriculum/1st-degree-registration-application/. PLEASE BRING YOUR APPLICATION FILLED OUT WITH YOU WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS AS WELL AS A NOTEBOOK AND PEN/PENCIL. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CLASSES, EVENTS ETC. PLEASE VISIT US AT: www.wftacademyofpaganstudies.org www.wiccanfamilytemple.org www.thenycpagancouncil.webs.com www.romanctichandfastings.webs.com www.charmedbystarr.com for all your ritual and Witchy items.

Crafting the Witch: Rune Crafting

440 Studios


Crafting the Witch: Rune Crafting • The History • Use for magickal workings • Rune guidance • Understanding Runes • Making your own rune set • The Witches Runes • Consecrating ritual for your new Runes Prepare and make your own regular or Witches rune set, imbuing it for your own personal use. Learn their meanings and how to work with them for spells and divining purposes. $55.00 includes Supplies plus booklet. To register for this class please go to this link: http://www.wftacademyofpaganstudies.org/registrationcurriculum/crafting-of-the-witch-series/rune-crafting/

Full Corn Moon Ritual

Tompkins Square Park


FULL MOONS ARE WORKING CELEBRATIONS. LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING THE MOONS INFLUENCES AND MAKING ITS ENERGIES WORK BEST FOR YOU. IT IS A TIME FOR YOU TO RAISE ENERGY, CAST SPELLS, PERFORM HEALINGS, BANISH OBSTACLES, GREAT FOR RITES OF PASSAGES, WICCANINGS, INITIATIONS, DEDICATIONS, ETC. The Full Moon represents the Goddess in all her many aspects as Mother, full and ripe and bright. The Moon is a wondrous crazy thing and it affects us all in the same wondrously crazy ways. None of us are immune to her powers of persuasion especially when she is in her full form, commanding your attention, we all fall under her spell running strictly on instinct. We are all children of the Great Mother & Father, they made us all, giving us all the same sensitivities to the moon a most sacred symbol. When the Moon Full it is the at its greatest power and most potent energies. Come share this time with us. A PARTICIPATORY RITUAL WHERE EVERYONE IS A PARTICIPANT. Circle casting will begin by 7:15pm. Please try to be on time. Thank You! $15.00 charge in person and $16.50 via paypal (please bring your receipt) Attire: suggested attire color white or black (not required for attendance). EVERYONE OF ALL AGES ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US. PLEASE ALSO BRING WINES, JUICES, CAKES, COOKIES FOR US ALL TO SHARE. IF ANYONE HAS HAND INSTRUMENTS PLEASE bring them, as we create our own music. www.wiccanfamilytemple.org

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