Learning the Tarot with Darren BuCare - MAJOR ARCANA

Witchy Ways!
Witchy Ways!
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Sticks and Stones ~ Westfair Center

11037 Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22030 (703)352-2343 Westfair Center · Fairfax, VA

How to find us

Located in the back of Westfair Center, just west of the intersection of 236/50/29, turn at the Guitar Center entrance on to Fern St, go straight to the back, turn left into our parking lot. We are next to Wild Chicken.

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Learning all about the Major Arcana

In this two hour class we will focus on the Major Arcana, and it will give you the foundation that every tarot reader needs to pursue the art of divination in a way that perfects a clear and easy to understand method so anyone, beginner or advanced, can use tarot in their personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Instructor: Darren BuCare
Fee: $35

Darren Bucare is an Aururvedic Palmistry Expert, Tarot Card Reader/Educator, Interactive Meduim, Past Life Regressionist, A Spiritual Consultant and a Spiritual Worker. He has spent all his young life as an empath and a medium. He reached his late teens deciding to immerse himself in the teachings of Edgar Cayce, Hermes Trigemestrus and many other educators in the art of somnambulism or mediumship. He studied metaphysics and attended courses in Auyurvedic Palmistry in Quebec and Vermont. this spring-boarded him into starting his professional career at 22 with Tarot and Vedic Palm Consultations. Darren relocated to Savannah GA, training with Christia Cummings-Slack in Interactive Mediumship. Darren was soon featured on A&E and played an integral role in the vibrant Savannah Paranormal Research and Spiritualist Community. Touching down in New Orleans Darren was mentored in Palo Mayumbe and many Yoruba based Diospora. These religions connect with the powerful and benevolent forces of the African Continent.