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Just Right Income Inequality

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Many would argue that a certain level of income inequality is necessary if any country is to enjoy a healthy, growing economy -- that it provides an incentive to strive and innovate. Many who would agree with this argument would also agree that the relationship between income inequality and economic outcomes follows an inverted U-shape so that increases in income inequality improve economic performance up to a point and then reduce it. Given that argument, many are now speculating that, if we have not already reached it, we are rapidly approaching a tipping point … the peak of the U-shape … at which further income inequality will no longer provide an economic benefit.

Is there some “just right” level of income inequality? If so, on which side of “just right” are we? Are there other considerations to income inequality than its impact on the state of the economy?

Please note: This meeting has been rescheduled from Monday, April 28th to Monday, May 5th.