Communicating Sequential Processes in Scala

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Concurrent programs are a standard these days, the number of cores in processors continues to grow and our software must be optimized for that. This talk is going to be about mathematical technique for organizing concurrent programs. Ruslan Shevchenko will discuss usage of CSP ( (Communicating Sequential Processes) that lies in heart of computation model of popular languages like Go ( and OCaml ( profits that can be achieved for your application. Also he’ll provide overview of an library-level implementation of CSP computations for Scala language that names ‘scala-gopher’.

Speaker: Ruslan Shevchenko, one of the organizers of ScalaUA (, conference founder of UA.scala ( user group, has over 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals, active columnist for the Ukrainian developers community portal.

Worked as researcher in Institute of Software Systems, founder of Internet Provider [NBI], founder of software development firm [GradSoft]; worked in various projects in telecom and advertising industry, currently works as a consultant at Lynx Capital Partners .