Free code camp in Thailand

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Every week on every day until November 20, 2019

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OCT 20 - NOV[masked]

We are looking for Volunteers :-)
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1. I assume coworking is ~ 250 per month

2. The apartement (+gym, +pool) is another ~250 per month

3. I guess you can survive buying for not more than ~150 per month

4. Also a scooter to get around the island is ~150 per month, but we might not need it that often, so maybe only sometimes...

5. I assume if we check a bit, we might get a flight from taiwan to thailand and back for ~200 (so 100 each)

So that is: 250 + 250 + 150 + 150 + 200 = 1000 USD

1. Now we might drive less scooter
2. We might decide to work more from the apartment and not have 3. a dedicated room for us to work from and meet.
4. Also maybe somebody can find an even cheaper flight ticket
5. Some people might want to share a room (they are big)
6. Regarding food - if you stick to absolute basics its probably cheaper

So lets try to figure out what could be the cheapest under which circumstances