Cloud Security Workshop - With Pizza! (Focus on AWS)

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AWS Cloud Security Workshop

Have you ever wondered how security is different ‘in the cloud’? How is Cloud Security and the “Cloud Native” approach different than a traditional data center? Where do you store your certificates? Your keys? Your connection strings? How can you see what’s going on with your resources? How do you patch? Where can you see your server configs other important information? How do you manage an security incident? How do you even know that you’re having an incident?

This workshop has 3 parts:
1) Group discussion of how cloud native security is different than traditional data centre security
2) Demo of AWS Security Best Practices
3) Audience members investigate issues and mitigate security issues

Demo will include:
• Complete AWS Security Centre walkthrough
• Policy and compliance, including subscription coverage
• Threat Protection, Alerts and Logging

What you will need if you want to participate after the demo:
▪ A laptop running any modern operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)
▪ Modern web browser (Safari, Edge, Chrome, FireFox)
▪ Wi-fi and internet
▪ An activated AWS Trial. Please activate your trial before the workshop. The workshop will not wait if you have not activated your trail.