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Topics for Today: Wildlife Tracking Adventures

Our homeschool class is designed for families to attend together, although youth ages 7 and above may attend on their own. So that we can prepare for the exact arrangement of participants, is very important that you register in advance at Meetup or by clicking on your location through http://www.wolfcolleg... ( . You can also RSVP anytime before class begins by calling us at the cell phone number listed on our website. Homeschoolers and their parents can attend on a class-by-class basis for $15 for the first family member, $10 for the second, $5 for additional family members, and there is an additional $5 charge for families who pay "at the door" instead of making a deposit of any amount in advance. All family members, no matter age, are subject to this price schedule. Thanks!

Classes follow field exercises from our Wolf Journey Earth Skills Training Course, and topics through the Academic Year include the following themes:

February - The Real Science & Arts of Wildlife Tracking
March - Herbal Medicine and our Springtime Plants
April - Bird Migration & Identification by Sight & Sound
May - Wolf Journey Natural Arts & Music Celebration

Students who complete a field exercise from the online Wolf Journey Earth Skills Training Course ( in advance of each class will receive a personal review of their work, as well as tutoring to prepare them for subsequent field exercises. Take a look at Field Exercise 1A - Exploring Potential Study Sites ( for an example of what would be encouraged, but not required, as homework between classes.

However, it's not necessary to complete field exercises between classes, and if you are already engaged in another course of study, you are still very welcome to attend Wolf Journey classes as well, where you can receive insight and guidance into your own course work. Students can simply attend to enjoy the topics taught directly in class. It's simply important that each student has a interest in this month's topic.
Whether or not you follow the Wolf Journey curriculum at home, students are welcome to attend simply to enjoy the Earth Skills Topics taught directly in class.

Classes are also geared toward suggestions from students who shared the journaling work they did before each class, and may change based on the "finds" we bring this week. For instance, if you harvested a plant that you need help processing and which we can all learn something from, let instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm know in advance so we can prepare for that. Otherwise, here's what we have in store for this week:

12:45 Orientation for New Families.

1:00 Based on a tradition that when sharing around the campfire in the olden days, we would often be working with our hands to create tools and materials needed in the coming seasons, so students will receive instruction to work on a craft such as making rope from raffia, cedar bark, or nettle stalks, or perhaps making a medicine pouch from scraps of leather. This is also a chance for continuing students to show new students the skills they've learned in the past (as teaching others really makes us learn the skills better:) while also giving us a chance to meet one another.

1:15 Once everyone has started a craft, Chris & Kim will share their recent study site experiences. We may then divide into groups if necessary, based on experience, progress on Wolf Journey field exercises, and group size so that everyone gets a chance to share about their own nature experience from the week.

1:30 Students will then have the chance to introduce themselves and share any experiences or insights from nature which took place over the previous week or month. Historically, this has been where many people experience their greatest learning, either from telling their own story and therefore processing what happened at their study site, or by receiving feedback from others who have experienced something similar in the past.

1:45 When done sharing about our nature experiences, we'll add to our Interactive Earth Skills Calendar which displays the phenological changes happen in our bioregion. For instance, when did the Indian Plum bud and bloom? When did the Western Red Cedar produce pollen cones? When do the Chinook Salmon start spawning in the streams? When should we plant and harvest various crops in our garden? And when will we have our first frost at sea level so that we can harvest rose hips to store for the cold season?

2:00-3:00 The second hour of class is dedicated to learning the specific earth skills topic listed above, chosen from the Wolf Journey Earth Skills Training Course whose field exercises you can use as part of your homeschooling curriculum, as it is designed to guide students through field exercises which interest them, including those in:

Volume I - Trail of the Neighborhood Naturalist;
Volume II - Trail of the Traditional Herbalist;
Volume III - Trail of Wildlife Tracker;
Volume IV - Trail of the Survival Scout;
Volume V - Trail of the Ancient Artisan;
Volume VI - Trail of the Environmental Educator.

Instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm look forward to meeting your family at the next class, and supplementing your homeschool curriculum with our hands-on study of nature. They have years of experience working with homeschool groups, starting in 1990 when Chris taught middle school classes at Family Unity Int'l in Quito, Ecuador, then teaching music and spanish lessons as well as nature classes for homeschoolers in Bellingham, WA starting in 1995.

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