Paleo & Veggie Lifestyles Workshop

Outdoor Education in Tacoma, Olympia and the South Sound
Outdoor Education in Tacoma, Olympia and the South Sound
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Blue Skye Farm at the Wolf College

1026 14th St SW · Puyallup, WA

How to find us

Please drive slowly on the gravel driveway past our neighbor's yellow house. Park as directed behind our old white farmhouse. Thanks!

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Instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm ( recently developed their Paleo & Veggie Lifestyle curriculum in association with close friends and neighbors, Clay & Ragan Masterson who are the most knowledgeable nutritionists, crossfit enthusiasts, and real food chefs we have ever met.

Paleo is so much more than a diet. Paleo is more than a trend. It’s more than a packaged treat you find labeled in the store. Instead, it’s really an ancestral lifestyle. It’s about looking at a modern environment through ancient wisdom. We don’t have to be a “reenactor” of ancestral life, we just need to bring back into our lives what we really need. We need to figure out how to live in this modern zoo we call society, and create a more natural life for the best health.

Kim is a vegetarian, and she’ll share her secrets to keeping energy up without meat. On the other hand, find out what Clay & Ragan did, not just to lose body weight through their paleo diet, but what they did to become strong of mind, body and spirit. Ironically, they did it by bringing simplicity and balance back into their lives. They did it based on The Seven Pillars of Paleo: simple food, simple exercises like walking, seeking serenity instead of stress, and making connections with family, friends, nature and community, sleep, water and purpose.

When you register, please let us know which of the following aspects of the Paleo & Veggie Lifestyle you would like us to emphasize in the workshop:

• Lifestyle upgrades: Plan to re-organize your home and transportation to encounter healthier people, foods and environments. Figure out how you can sit down to eat with family and friends – at home where you really know the food you are eating.

• Support your natural circadian rhythms ( We’ll use blue lights, amber glasses, pink bulbs by the bedside; firelight instead of technology after dark, and allowing for 9 hours of sleep.

• Go Wildcrafting! In addition to foraging for ancestral foods in nature that we can cook, we will also harvest, process and store herbal medicines to keep from getting sick.

• Discuss New Shopping Strategies to discover where to find raw foods in near-by grocery stores, food co-ops, farmer’s markets, and local farms and ranches. You can even choose to butcher your own meats.

• Learn to Cook! Learn about your own food sensitivities including nuts, eggs, dairy, gluten and other concerns. After practicing where to shop (or how to wildcraft or grow) for raw foods, learn the secrets that Clay & Ragan use in the kitchen every day, including how to prepare for eating at work, school, trips and nightlife. You’ll also learn how to cook over the campfire using a Dutch Oven & Cast Iron Pans, as well as how to make ancestral foods like pemmican!

• Gain College-Level Nutritional Education with real food in the real world. Explore Nutrient Density. Discover the latest research and myths on fat, sugars, and other calories – what each of these nutrients do inside the body, including paradoxes. Compare a native Pacific Coast diet to our modern North American diet.

• Gain the Mental Edge. Practice and bring home concepts of “can’t” vs “being” and not taking anything away, just adding in what replaces addictive cravings. Learn how to meditate in daily life, how to concentrate more effectively, and when each may or may not be necessary.

• Practice Primal, Functional Movements & Do Playouts! Instead of workouts, recent studies have shown that the most basic of weightlifting, as well as simple movement like walking for a little while every day, are what we need for the longest lifespan. Functional Movement is multi-joint movement that utilizes the whole body, promoting balance, strength, and agility. Primal movements are things like pushing, pulling, bending, crawling, climbing, twisting, lunging, jumping … things people just naturally do, especially when we were kids. Play through our obstacle course of logs and stones, and find out how your balance and grip may save your life someday. Carrying someone, or just moving them a little way, is hard. Can you save someone who has to be moved?

• Earthing. Free your feet! In addition to supporting the Seven Pillars of the Paleo Lifestyle, there is some evidence that “earthing” supports the immune system. Do you get sick very often? The seven pillars and lifestyle upgrades including earthing may help you stay well, get more productive in work and study, and gain happiness through connection to nature.