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Soul power circle is a spiritual women oriented circle that focuses on Holistic or “Wholistic” Healing. Healing the whole i.e. Physical, Emotional and Psychological aspects of the being. This circle is about connecting to the soul energy and cleaning our consciousness. It’s about self-growth. It is a platform that helps us recognize our own self, the soul power, the potent energy that lies within us. Just by understanding our soul power, we can understand our natural ability to heal. The key is gathering the energy that is distributed across the body, align it and then focus on the heavy flow of energy that is Our Power. This power has the capacity to heal; Heal Your Today.
Soul Power Circle offers training at 3 Levels. All Levels have different healing methods but prerequisites remain the same
1. Holistic Healing Level 1
2. Holistic Healing Level 2
3. Holistic Healing Level 3
Practise Sessions: By undertaking the level 1 course, healer becomes the core member of the circle. The members are eligible for the weekly practice session is held at the centre in Amritsar, and forums where information is shared and collective healing is sent to the person in need. In practice sessions the available healers meet, discuss and practice the energy transfer by various techniques i.e. touch, distance and surrogate. These routine sessions not only help us in remaining connected with self but also enhance our level of energy. Higher the flow of energy, faster is the cleansing of consciousness and stronger is our power to heal. With every new session there is an unknown realisation of something which is beyond expression.
Soul power circle members also organize retreats which are strong energy boosters and stress busters. Places chosen are close to nature, in every which way. Retreats are magical. Just imagine what happens when people with same level of energy connect and unite their powers. A blast of energy takes place that covers not only the people but the entire place.

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