• Balance for Better - Women in DevOps & Tech Women Collaboration

    Cloudreach Europe Limited

    The world has made progress on the problem of gender inequality, however, inequality is still a global issue. We exist to support and inspire, empower and diversify the technology world. A balanced workforce drives innovation and we believe that businesses need to do more than attract and retain women into their communities, we exist to bridge that gap. In line with International Women’s Day 2019 we have teamed up with Cloudreach's, Tech Women. The event will celebrate the amazing achievements of women in the tech industry, whilst giving you the opportunity to network with market leading professionals and campaign together for greater progress towards gender equality. We will be providing complimentary food and drinks. So join us to be inspired, engaged and empowered. This is a free event for all to attend. Confirmed speakers: - Ariane Gadd, Lead DevOps Engineer @ KPMG - Leigh Dixon, Head of Employee Engagement @ Cloudreach - Tania Ash - Azure Cloud Architect @ Cloudreach - Idelkys Quintana - Cloud Systems Developer @ Cloudreach Tania Ash & Idelkys Quintana Tania Ash, Azure Cloud Architect, who joined Cloudreach as an experienced Architect, and Idelkys Quintana, Cloud Systems Developer who joined Cloudreach through the Fast Track to the Cloud programme will share their experience, possible career paths and some of their project work. We will have a look at BigData workflows in Azure DevOps and Terraform/Jenkins CI/CD pipelines in AWS. Ariane Gadd Ariane is a Lead DevOps Engineer at KPMG in the Solutions & Digital Cloud Ops team. She leads a team of 6 DevOps engineers, delivering solutions in the public cloud for a variety of clients. The focus is on CI/CD, automation and infrastructure-as-code, hosting projects across AWS, Azure and GCP. Her specialties include AWS, Terraform, containers and Jenkins. Summary of the talk: KPMG has built out a DevOps Cloud capability, starting with just 3 engineers 4 years ago, to almost 100 engineers today. We are more than 30% girls, a really high percentage compared to majority of the tech industry. Today Ariane will talk the kind of projects our engineers get involved with on a daily basis, in particular, the deployment of a customer due diligence solution for a high-profile banking client in AWS. This solution is composed of a number of microservices that are deployed to containers using AWS Fargate. She will dive into the details of the solution's architecture. We discuss how the infrastructure and applications are deployed using third-party tools, such as HashiCorp’s Terraform and Jenkins, and share best practices for running containers in production workloads. We also go into detail on the AWS resources used in the solution, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, and Amazon S3, as well as CI/CD and automation. Leigh Dixon Originally from the North of England and a proud Yorkshire woman Leigh has lived and worked in London for the past ten years. She started her career working at a Venture Capital company evaluating and investing in early stage startups where she got to experience the importance of strong people operations and employee related strategies. After completing her CIPD qualifications she spent five years at a tech company helping expand the business across the EMEA and APAC regions before joining Cloudreach just over one year ago as their Head of Employee Engagement Summary of talk: 'My Journey, Lessons and Takeaways' #BalanceForBetter #WomenInDevOps #TechWomen

  • Women in DevOps - Let's get Technical in collaboration with Facebook

    Looking for something completely different? Well, nestled behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, you'll find Facebook's HQ. We are collaborating with the social media giant, Facebook on the 26th November. Facebook's mission is to connect the world, bringing the world closer together. You can expect world renowned brands, market leading guest speakers and a networking experience like no other. The evening will give those willing to discuss openly a chance to voice their opinion on a range of topics. We will be supplying complimentary food, drinks and an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, who all share the same passion of celebrating and empowering women in technology. ALL are welcome. Entrances from the main roads are on Newman street and from Rathbone place into the courtyard. The event will be entered from secondary entrance inside the courtyard on the Newman street side. Please bring photo id with you. Itinerary: 6:00 - 6:45 - Networking, Food and Drinks 6:45 - 8:00 - Talks 8:00 - 9:00 - Networking and Drinks Confirmed Speakers: - Charlie de Courcy - Cloud Consultant Lead, at Google - Amy Phillips - Engineering Manager, at Moo - Maria Koukou - Head of Analytics - Maersk Charlie de Courcy Charlie leads a team of Cloud Consultants in Google, who are helping their largest customers take leaps in their cloud evolution. Previously he built Rackspace's AWS Operations team for EMEA, led their Onboarding team to build infrastructure as code on an industrial scale, and has led a variety of DevOps, Automation, and Linux Engineering teams. He's a husband, father of one, and describes himself as a staunch feminist looking to bring diversity in to Tech. Amy Phillips Amy is an Engineering Manager at Moo. Amy has a testing background, after experiencing the value that a well-managed Agile team can bring to software delivery Amy became passionate about helping teams adopt appropriate Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices to help them deliver quality, user-oriented products within the shortest possible time. Maria Koukou I head Analytics in the Technology function inside Maersk. I've led the journey establishing and maturing user experience analytics. My team is dedicated to bridging the gap between the tech teams and the rest of the business, exploiting metrics to measure success and influence change. I am a mother and a wife and I enjoy outdoors running when I get the opportunity. Join our Facebook group on the link provided below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2082051015447031/ #WomenInDevOps #EmpowerWomen

  • Women in DevOps - Mind the (Gender) Gap


    Please RSVP on our eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women-in-devops-refinery29-soon-to-be-revealed-tickets-49169392978 The evening will unfold as follows: 6.00 - 6.45 Drinks, Food and Networking 6.45 - 7.45 Panel Discussion and Q&A 7.45 - 9.00 Drinks and Networking Make your way down to the astonishing Photobox HQ in Farringdon, for or women in DevOps in discussion with Refinery29, Facebook, Vodafone and a range of voices in the tech industry. An evening challenging stereotypes and re-defining female role models in tech. Refinery29 are a leading global media company focused on young women. To inspire, entertain, and empower their audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view. You can expect world renowned brands, market leading guest speakers and a panel debate experience like no other. The evening will give those willing to discuss openly a chance to voice their opinion on a range of topics. We will be supplying complimentary food, drinks and an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, who all share thesame passion of celebrating empowering women in technology. ALL welcome. Speakers Include: - Emily McDonald, International Sales & Partnerships Manager at Refinery29 UK - Annelies Valk, Global Brand Strategy Manager at Vodafone - Simon Martin, Manager, Production Engineering at Facebook - Amanda Colpoys, Head of Agile Coaching at Moonpig - Laura Herrera, Senior DevOps Engineer at CBRE Emily McDonald Emily McDonald leads Refinery29's global branded technology partnerships. Day-to-day she works with a vast variety of brands to help them better capture the attention of women. It's always been a personal commitment of hers to support and nurture the conversation around how best to attract more women to the field of tech and she believes this starts with a commitment from brands and the media alike. Simon Martin Simon started his career in data entry where he became interested in how databases worked and so moved to be a DBA. After joining the MySQL Infra team at Facebook he transitioned into management and currently supports teams in the Realtime Data space. Laura Herrera Laura is a Sr DevOps Engineer with a long career in Web Infrastructure. She has worked in technology for over 15 years and is cofounder of Women in DevOps. She is an advocate of the DevOps culture, championing the use of Infrastructure as Code, Contaneirization, Cloud technologies as well as Continous Integration and Continous Delivery. Laura has worked all her career in a male dominated environment and she is very interested in learning how to attract more females into this area. She’ll be happy to talk to anyone interested in joining the infrastructure and DevOps team and she can also mentor new talent. Amanda Colploys Amanda is passionate about building autonomous self-organising teams aligned around clear missions. She strongly believes in leveraging a lean approach around all value streams, creating systems of work that are optimised for delivering maximum value at a sustainable pace. She champions a culture of fast feedback and continuous improvement which puts customers and employees at the heart of the business. Annelies Valk Annelies is a Senior Brand Strategy Manager in Vodafone’s Global Brand team. She takes care of positioning, brand partnerships and global projects. Both in- and out-of-office, Annelies is a strong supporter of gender equality initiatives, like Vodafone’s gender equality program ConnectedSheCan. From leveraging the power of technology to connect the most vulnerable girls in the world, to striving for more women in senior tech roles, at the end it’s a fight that no AI or robot can take over. Women should stand together to make it happen. For 2018 things are only gonna get bigger and better, so are you really going to miss out? #WomenInDevOps #WomenInDevOpsMeetsRefinery29

  • Summer Edition - Part One. Hosted by Expedia.

    Expedia, 5th Floor, Angel Building

    Come and join us at our next Women in DevOps event which is hosted and sponsored by Expedia. Expedia Group are one of the world's largest travel platforms- bringing the world within reach! Our hosts will be supplying complimentary food and drinks. This is an event open to ALL to attend, so tell your friends. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with tech enthusiasts looking to expand knowledge, socialise and celebrate diversity and inclusion within the technology space. 6.00 – 6.45 Networking, food and drinks 6.45 – 7.45 Talks with 5 minute Q&A after each talk 7.45 – 9.00 Networking and drinks Confirmed Speakers: - Dimple Dalby, DevOps Engineer - ComparetheMarket - Stefania Chaplin, Solutions Engineer EMEA - Sonatype - Jessica Falk, Software Engineer - Improbable Dimple Dalby Dimple is a senior DevOps Engineer at ComparetheMarket, a price comparison website that is a part of the BGL group. A passionate technologist and developer, with a keen interest in helping enterprises in their transformation journey. She has keen interests in linux systems, cloud architecture, infrastructure provisioning and continuous delivery and is an ardent Hashicorp fan. Stefania Chaplin Stefania is a Solutions Engineer at Sonatype. She is responsible for helping customers understand and implement DevSecOps across the EMEA region. She has a history as a Python/Java developer and enjoys the challenge of improving the quality of software across different languages and ecosystems. Stefania is passionate about women in technology and is Founder and President of 'Women at Sonatype'. Jessica Falk Jessica works in the Develop team at Improbable. Jess takes care of the Game Engine integration of the products. She has a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at ETH Zurich. She is passionate about build systems, open source and game development. Ensure to RSVP to avoid disappointment as we have limited seats available. #WomenInDevOps #SummerEditionPart1 #DiversityAndInclusion

  • Women in DevOps - Spring Meet Up (SPONSORED BY IMPROBABLE) ALL ATTEND

    We are over the moon the announce that our event will be sponsored by Improbable. This is an event open to ALL to attend. We are Women in DevOps, a group that celebrates the achievements of women that have overcome the barriers that women face within the technology space. This is our first guest speaker meet up and we would love to invite ALL to attend. This is the opportunity to engage with technology enthusiasts looking to expand knowledge and socialise. Our speakers include: Keeley Erhardt - Software Engineer at Improbable Keeley is a software engineer at Improbable, a London-based tech company focused on enabling massive-scale simulation. She graduated from MIT with a B.S. and M.Eng in Computer Science. Keeley is passionate about distributed systems, open source, and DevOps. Her discussion will take explore Improbable's experience bringing OpenTracing to all services that run in our infrastructure—tracing everything from gRPC & HTTP request to backend DB calls. We will walk through how we used OpenTracing to gain a better understanding of our own system and its bottlenecks. Stay tuned for our additional speakers who will be announced shortly. All proceeds are in aid of Meningitis Now, raising funds will deliver life-saving and life-changing research, awareness and support. Kriselda Rabino - Software Engineer at Deliveroo By day, Kriselda helps build, ship and monitor scalable software with the Growth engineering team at Deliveroo, an exciting technological feat as the company has expanded from its roots in Kensington across 12 countries in just 5 years, topping 2017's Deloitte's UK Fast 50 list of fastest-growing tech companies in the UK. By night, she enjoys the social, creative and technical aspects of partner dancing and teaches her favourite style, Brazilian Zouk, weaving in as many terrible tech analogies as she possibly can. She continues to draw amusing parallels between her dev and dance lives, and aims to share a few of these in her talk "A Great Performance; what dancers can teach us about developing for scale". Jessica Leigh Jones - Engineering Leader at Sony Jessica Leigh Jones is a multi-award-winning Engineer and Astrophysicist, currently responsible for developing the next generation of manufacturing platform at the Sony UK Technology Centre, in collaboration with Japan. The former UK Young Engineer of the Year embarked upon her career in engineering following the design and development of a series of novel fibre optic sensing technologies leading to her receiving the IET Intel Inspiration Award in 2012. Jessica is a Non-Executive Director of the Engineering Education Scheme Wales and Vice-Chair of the Apprenticeship Standards Approval Panel for engineering and manufacturing in the UK. In 2017 she introduced a Software-Electronics higher apprenticeship to develop the next generation of Sony engineers; a first both within the corporation and within Wales. Jessica has received the Freedom of the City of London and is currently represents the fastest progression to Liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers. She is the current Woman of the Future for Technology & Digital, a Top 100 Manufacturer’s exemplar figure and appeared as one of the youngest in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe List.

  • Festive Nibbles & Drinks

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    Hi Ladies, We are pleased to announce our Women In DevOps "Festive Drinks and Nibbles". A sociable occasion to get us together before Christmas and hopefully meet some new faces going into 2018. We will have a selection of drinks alcoholic and soft, including mulled wine on our table with small plates/ nibbles, and seasonal cocktails will be available at the bar. Please RSVP if you can 100% make it. Looking forward too it! Best.

  • Women in DevOps - Drinks Up 2.0

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    Following our successful first meetup we are super excited to announce our second event! We will be holding it at Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross where we have our own area and activities such as lego robots and marshmallow mountain and of course plenty of cocktails and nibbles. http://drinkshopdo.co.uk/ Can't wait to see you, any questions please just ask!

  • DevOps Drink Up

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    We're glad you found us! This social meetup is everything it says on the tin! Come and join us for smokin' cocktails (literally) or an array of colourful soft drinks, you choose. It's on us, so leave your card behind and come teach us a thing or two. We have hired the copper bar at the The Botanist and will be plenty of drinks and nibbles for all!