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Do you wish you had more confidence to speak up and share your voice?

Are you longing to speak up about something important to you, but fear that you don't have the skills to do it?

Does self-doubt get in the way of sharing your message with the world?


You’ve come to the right place – because with WomanSpeak’s unique training and techniques, you can overcome ALL OF THAT.

WomanSpeak Circles consists of local, bi-monthly gatherings where women learn the art and soul of public speaking.

Developed by KC Baker, TED Talk and Women's Public Speaking Coach, WomanSpeak techniques are tailored to meet a woman's needs and transform fear or self-doubt about public speaking into ease and authentic confidence.

Women learn to speak confidently ANYWHERE because they learn techniques to connect with their body and their personal truth. And they get to practice feeling safe and secure in a supportive, nurturing and celebratory circle of other women.

Whether you are looking to improve your public speaking skills, tell spellbinding stories, speak up to ask for a promotion or ask a question at a PTA meeting, WomanSpeak will help you embody confidence and clarity.


...Imagine being part of a group of women who celebrate you and what you have to say

... A group so supportive and so fun, that your voice and your message rises up easily and leaves your audience spell bound

... A community that encourages you to tap into your deepest wisdom and speak your truth without fear of judgment...

...And where you develop the courage and confidence to speak up anywhere and with anyone in your life – in front of audiences, in work meetings and at dinner parties, no matter who is listening.

Now more than ever, the world needs you...

...your wisdom

...you talents

...your voice

Come join our in-person circle of women and learn to speak authentically and powerfully from a position of celebration and safety. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How it works:

• Come to an Intro Event and experience the power of WomanSpeak

• After paying your initiation fee ($75) and membership fees ($99/mo) , you'll receive your Circle Members Curriculum (PDF online)

• Watch the monthly theme video to prepare for the WomanSpeak circle

• Attend the WomanSpeak circle and have opportunities to practice speaking

• Gain confidence and clarity as you meet every month and work toward become a WomanSpeak Certified Speaker!

• *Circles and monthly theme do not build upon each other so you can join the circle anytime.


Your membership includes:

• Full online public speaking Circle Members Curriculum developed by Ted Talk and Women's Public Speaking Coach, KC Baker (you receive the Circle Members Curriculum immediately online after registration)

• 2 in-person WomanSpeak circles facilitated by Women's Empowerment Coach, Aurora Farber in Jacksonville, FL (location to be announced once you've registered)

• 16 monthly speaking THEMES like: Sharing What You Believe

The Change You Want To See In The World
Sharing Your Most Powerful Ideas
Your Diamond Insight
Telling An Epic Story
The Art of Persuasion
Leaving Your Legacy
Speaking Up In A Group or Team Meeting
Telling Your Heroine's Tale
The Art of Being & Speaking In The Moment
Rocking A Panel Discussion
Ladies Choice
Tales from The Past
Delivering A "How-To" Talk
Speaking Authentically from A Script
The Art of The Toast

• Opportunity to practice your 2-minute, 5-minute and 12-minute speeches in a supportive and celebratory circle of women

• Somatic (body) exercises and tools to help you tame your nerves and focus your energy toward delivering your message

• Path to Mastery to become a WomanSpeak Certified Speaker

• Valuable bonus videos, recordings and materials

• Plus, with your initiation fee, you sponsor 1-3 girls to go through the GirlSpeak program!


Want a taste of WomanSpeak? Sign up for one of our Introductory Events for just $10: https://womanspeak.safechkout.net/intro-a-farber

For the next WomanSpeak Intro Workshop date, check events on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/WomanSpeakJAX/ or here at the WomanSpeak Jacksonville Meetup page

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