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We're all on a road, living our lives and relishing the open flow of opportunity. The purpose of this meetup is to give women a voice and a place to honor their own spiritual journey. Whether you have just begun to meander into the realm of your own spiritual path, or have been walking down the lane a while, we all have a story and a calling to share.

Sometimes it can feel solitary to walk on your own spiritual road. It may seem that there is no one who can relate to what you may be working through at the moment. The Woman and the Owl Meetup is a judgment free space to shout to rooftops what's true for you and honor other women as they honor you -- just for showing up.

Please join us as we explore new topics about the divine and share our experiences, practices, and knowledge.

The Woman and the Owl Foundation is a Texas 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to cultivate and connect women spiritual leaders through education, community, and support.

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