What we're about

What we're about

This group is for individuals interested in learning real estate investing and networking with other real estate investors. We have team members that do fix and flips, wholesaling, rentals, commercial, land development, multi-family, lease options, tax liens and deeds, private notes, and much more. This group will allow you to learn, network and be part of our real estate investing community. We started this group to give people a place to go on a consistence basis and learn from people that are doing it. We are committed to education and practical knowledge and showing people firsthand what it takes to complete a deal. We have property tours, workshops, guest speakers, and much more to offer the most value we can for those that want to become successful in real estate investing. Most events are free to attend, and we encourage you to invite your friends.

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(Virtual and in Person) Learn To Build Wealth Through Real Estate -Hablo Español

We gonna have this event Vitual, in person too, please text me at[masked] to share the link with you.

Location change every week!

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We are a group of beginner, intermediate, and full time to real estate investors that meet several times a week to network and do deals. We leverage each others capital, time, resources, and experience to get more deals done. We have people in our group that do over 1,000 deals a year, one of the largest auction buyers in Maricopa County all the way down to people that have never invested in real estate before. We have people that invest in fix and flips, rental properties, short sales, foreclosures, private notes, wholesaling, multi-family, commercial, tax liens / deeds, subject-to, lease options and more. We are looking for like minded people that are hungry and have great attitudes to add to our team.

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Come meet our team of investors and learn how we are doing deals. We are actually meeting at one of our investment properties. We will go over all of the numbers, tell you how we bought the property, how we funded it, and give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you want. You will also learn how you can start working with us and have our team train, develop, and mentor you. We are a local based real estate investing club that has a 2,400 sq/ft office in downtown Phoenix. We have weekly masterminds / studygroups and are doing millions in real estate. We are doing deals all over Maricopa County and the United States.

To learn more about our group come check us out or visit our website: www.valleyinvestmentclub.com

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Property Tour, learn how to Work we Deals and Real Estates Out of States!

Hola, hola! Tomorrow’s in our Property Tour we Gonna learn how to Work we Deals and Real Estates Out of States! See you there!


Deal Days

Online event

Hey gang!
See you tonight in Deal Days with Jay Bird and Seti Gershberg!


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM AZ Time

- Deal Days is designed to provide vetted deal flow to community members.
- These opportunities have been analyzed in advance, and most will have a local team in place that is familiar with the prospect.
- Additionally, your Mastermind Leaders will provide ongoing support and, in some cases, are open to JV.
- We desire to provide opportunities that are set up for your success.
- We also need a disclaimer that states that while the deals are vetted, it is up to the community members to do their analysis.

*No guarantees are made as unforeseen situations could arise that were not known, and market conditions could also change.

*Please text if you have any problem to get to the meeting.

Virtual Real Estate and Wealth Building Training - Hablo Español

Join us every Wednesday as we meet in our Virtual masterminds, raise capital, network, do deals and so much more. We have a variety of guest and member events. If you are a guest please text me at[masked] or [masked] to share the link.

See below for different topics.

Wednesday Evening from 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Room #1: Meet the Investors (EPIC) - Guests Welcome

Room #2: Improving Mindset for REI 6:00 - 7:00 PM - Guests Welcome

Room #3: Mastermind for Promissory Notes - Members Only

Room #4: Mastermind for Multi-family - Members Only

Room #5: Mastermind for Fix N Flip - Members Only

Room #6: Mastermind for Short Terms Rentals - Members Only

Room #7: Mastermind for Advanced Strategies - Members Only

Room #8: Mastermind for Business Building & Business Credit - Members Only

Room #9: Velocity Banking - Guests Welcome

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