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This is a group for successful women who would like to learn more about how to make better decisions about all aspects of their finances - so they can feel confident and empowered! I've started this group because I’m passionate about helping women make more educated decisions so they can optimize what they have and grow and protect their wealth!

It will also be an opportunity for the members to meet new people and network in a casual and friendly environment. I feel it's really important to engage with others and share and have fun!

Whether you’re single or have a family we'll discuss how to make the right decisions so ultimately you and your loved ones will have more choices in life (freedom)! In a comfortable and informal setting we'll talk about your relationship with money and how to manage it better, clarifying and setting your goals, budgets and getting out of debt, how to invest wisely and the importance of risk management in your life.

I'll also be bringing in experts for you in areas that affect your quality of life and your financial situation indirectly, such as realtors, life coaches, contractors, naturopaths, lawyers, accountants, therapists, insurance and mortgage brokers, etc. The value of the right advice is crucial. These people will be able to give you tips on what to look for in order to choose the best person for your situation so you get the right help, making your life easier (and reduce costly mistakes).

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