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The Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) is a registered non-profit networked community which is providing support, information, and resources to those who identify as a woman and minorities who are interested in a cybersecurity career.
Our membership focuses on the above-underrepresented groups in an effort to increase diversity and encourage inclusiveness within the community. Please abide by our Code of Conduct (https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/wcs2-code-of-conduct).

We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations who are interested in increasing diversity and making this industry more inclusive for women.

Our events are available online and locally and developed to provide value to both new and veteran Cybers. Workshops, information sessions, and mentoring events are held weekly with local social events on a monthly basis.

Check out our free Mentor Monday series the last Monday of the month at 3 pm PDT. Each session is followed by a Q&A and a discussion of the importance of a 3-Year Career Plan.

Cybersecurity Mentorship Cohort (https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/mentorship-cohort) Spring 2020

WCS2 is a place of fellowship, mentorship and a means to expand your network and opportunities.

President's Code of Conduct (https://womencybersecuritysociety.org/wcs2-code-of-conduct)

Twitter: @womencssociety @womenincyberday

Website: https://womencssociety.org (https://womencssociety.org/)

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