• Jollof & Wine

    Serendipity Labs

    Its the same across the diaspora... food, music and libations is where diaspora magic happens, even if you're talking international business! Afroartbeats presents Miami with Jollof & Wine, an authentic cultural experience chronicling the culture through art, afrobeats, soul-rich conversations, and international business that strengthen the connection between Africa and its diaspora. The first of the series, Chronicling the Culture, is centered around historical events that have affected the diaspora across the globe. Art is a big business, and we're excited to connect you with who and what you need to know. We'll bring the jollof and the wine if you bring the credit cards to purchase wines that support our charities of choice! 😉 RSVP is required for entry. The Afroartbeats Experience From the moment you enter, the jollof hits your nose, the beat takes over your soul, and the culture is written all over everyone’s afro-chic clothes. We know art is a vibe that brings the soul alive and community thrives. Beautiful people laughing and souls grooving, as the afro-vibe moves through every conversation, and every piece of art. Afroartbeats is where the culture lives.

  • Tracy Wilson Mourning and Vanessa James host the 17th Annual Hats Off Luncheon

    Ladies, this is a great place to make connections. I have met some great people every year I attend. There's still time to grab a ticket. The details are below. Description: Join Tracy Wilson Mourning along with event host, travel & lifestyle contributor Vanessa James; for Honey Shine, Inc.'s 17th Annual Hats Off Luncheon and Silent Auction. Themed Know Your Purpose, Speak Your Truth, the luncheon will celebrate 17 years of character development and mentorship in South Florida while showcasing the diverse talents of our Honey Bugs with a themed fashion show and luncheon. So, pick out your most fashionable outfit, hats, and fascinators as we take pictures on Pepsi's Blue Carpet, stop in our Cocktails with Jill lounge, hosted by Jill Tracy of HOT 105 and our LIVE silent auction. Proceeds from Hats Off will benefit, Camp Honey Shine Summer Enrichment program for 150+ girls at the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove, FL and annual character development programs that Honey Shine, Inc offers young girls enrolled. The Hats Off Luncheon has funded over 1500 Camp Honey Shine participants since 2005. In the words of our founder Tracy Wilson M our girls need growth and consistency! #HOL2019

  • Manifest and Materialize: An Online Masterclass for Women In Business

    Manifesting and materializing is not always as easy as it sounds. Women wear many hats, making it hard to find time and energy to invest in our brilliant ideas and divine visions. Everyone around you is pulling for your wisdom, guidance, and physical help. This is how you and millions of other women across the world are getting pushed further and further to the back of the line, instead of front and center where your dreams and goals deserve to come to life. This is the year you woman up and manifest your every desire for 2019. This is the year of the woman! I am going to help you: *Manifest abundance (that means having enough of everything you want and need) *Turn 2019 dreams into dollars (because dreams don't pay bills, it's the manifestation of them that does) *Feel confident about your future and your legacy *Set real goals and show you how to reach them (a vision board is great, but how you get there is what matters) *Decrease stress, anxiety, and worry that only a woman understands *Manifest growth and expansion that you can see, touch, and feel *Grow and expand as the phenomenal-kick-ass-beautiful-bomb.com woman that you are *Every attendee of this masterclass gets access my Creative Toolbox for *Women, a kit specially created for women with big dreams and goals. What’s inside? 1. Masterclass Replay 2. Growth Worksheet 3. Scale Up Worksheet 4. My 12 Creative Ideas To Grow Your Brand 2019 (An Idea Sheet & Worksheet) 5. One on One Consult 6. LIVE Q&A Register Now! You’re only one step away from manifesting and materializing your greatest year yet!

  • How To Build A Profitable Brand Strategy In 2019

    Online Event

    1. Learn my top 3 strategies to profitable brand building and getting seen by your customers in 2019. 2. We'll lay out the framework for your branding, marketing, and brand mindset to make this year the best year your brand has ever seen. 3. Get a complete set of checklists, a 2019 outline, and ideas you can use to create a winning brand strategy in 2019. 4. Bonus: When you sign up and show up, I will share my 7 Days of Social Inspiration with you. It's a social media graphic bundle you can brand and use as your own for social pages.

  • Afro Art Beats

    Sybarite Sanctuaries


    PINNACLE ENTERPRISES & TRIBES ART AFRICA presents a Pan-African art exhibit with the soul and rhythm of the African beat. On December 8, 2018, Afro Art and Afro Beats come together to form an authentic experience that connects Africa and its diaspora. You’ve never experienced Pan-African Art and Afrobeats with elegance like this. Afro-centric art from Africa and its diaspora. During Miami Art Basel Weekend, art enthusiasts as well as the casual consumer, will have the opportunity to experience our exclusive collection of original art, Unparalleled Abstraction. This exhibition will feature the works from up and coming artists, exhibiting the heart of Pan-African abstract and fine art. About our artists. Unparalleled Abstraction will feature artists from Nigeria, Haiti, Jamaica, and London. Each one of these artists have a unique vision and artistic journey to share. Ambiance. African-chic | Private venue | Indoor gallery | Outdoor lounge | Passed h'orderves The Collection To preview a few select pieces from the exhibit please visit: www.afroartbeats.com *This is a private event. *All art enthusiasts must RSVP with a ticket option. This exhibition is not open to the public.

  • Get Aligned AF & Do Something EPIC Masterclass

    Graupel Fitted

    THIS IS NOT A SEMINAR. This is a feel-good, get stuff done, kick ass, LIVE COACHING session for the woman who can't live one more day with that secret dream in her heart!! (DoSomethingEpic.eventbrite.com) We (Quadeera & Steph) were tired of fluff events, where all you get is rah-rah without a plan to help you get past stucks-ville. And we were tired of workshops where you leave with only a vague idea of what to do next, but not enough TOOLS to really make the change once you're on your own. So we decided to create our own ish. Its everything we wanted that wasn't out there. Tickets Available: DoSomethingEpic.eventbrite.com SPIRITUAL WORK + PRACTICAL WORK = MAKING MOVES TOWARD SECRET DREAMS (because you need both to succeed) BAM! We call this a Magical MASTERCLASS because you can plan on a few things. Youre going to get ALIGNED AF. Through meditation, exercises, and yaassss, some real work, we're going to build your confidence, help you BELIEVE that the Universe is really helping, & teach you how to get SPECIFIC answers from God, Spirit or Universe, whatever you call it. Did you KNOW that the Universe can actually give you specific steps to take each day to get you to your goal & even help you prioritize it into your busy life? When youre Aligned AF, you can do that ish and get answers! Lets do the SPIRITUAL work. You will DO something EPIC. Visualizing is great. Manifesting and feeling and seeing is all great. But don't you just wish you had a plan when you left these events?!? Dont you wish that you could MAKE THE PLAN AT THE EVENT and actually DO the first few steps WITH THE EXPERTS THERE TO SUPPORT YOU??! Thats what we're talking about!!! We didnt say, PLAN something EPIC. We said DO IT with the help of an expert showing you how. Youre going to create a strategy & DO the first few things you need to do something EPIC! SO IS THIS FOR YOU? Well..... Do you have a secret dream? Like one you want so badly, but dont tell anyone about? Does it make you crazy because it just wont go away? Do you have about a billion ideas but then youre too afraid to do anything with them? Do you JUST KNOW...that you were born for more than this...but you dont know HOW? OH...and are you a woman, who's spiritual, upbeat and ready to do some work, honey??!! Yeah?! Then this is for you. ***Grab your yoga mat, or a towel. Bring a couple pillows to sit on and wear comfy clothes. We're about to drank on some coco water and tea, eat energizing foods, get ALIGNED AF & DO SOMETHING EPIC together! SATURDAY, JUNE 2; 10A-1P Light Refreshments, Fun, Feel-Good, and getting stuff done, honey. Yeah. Thats what this is. See you there!

  • Meet Your Match Miami: Mentor Matchmaking Event

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    • What we'll do In celebration of Women's History Month, Walker's Legacy is hosting Meet Your Match, a mentor-matchmaking event in partnership with SCORE and Space Called Tribe. This national series promotes direct networking, mentorship, and engagement with successful business leaders in Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, DC, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia. Join us in a city near you to connect directly and intimately with local c-suite executives and business owners eager to help you professionally and entrepreneurially learn and grow! Learn more and RSVP today. As the Director of Walker's Legacy Miami and Organizer of Women Entrepreneurs Together, I have strategically organized some amazing and influential C-suite women executives, serial entrepreneurs, and business owners to mentor women in Miami READY to take their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors to a C-suite level. It's time for you to MEET YOUR MATCH MIAMI and receive the mentorship you really desire to grow! • What to bring Pen, Paper, Laptop or electronic device to take notes, and business cards to connect with other individuals. • Important to know Plenty of parking. Light fare and wine will be served.

  • Office Hours for Women In Business w/ Digital Grass

    Location visible to members

    We're back in the office with the FIRST office hours sessions of 2017, helping your business CREATE. DEVELOP. AND GROW. Presented by Medium Four, the Knight Foundation, Venture Cafe, Quadeera Teart, and Digital Grass. Come in to receive FREE consulting and advice from featured industry experts! RSVP for an appointment instead of waiting: http://digigrass.com/event/office-hours-increasing-the-value-of-your-brand/

  • Office Hours for Women In Business w/ Digital Grass

    Location visible to members

    We're back in the office with the FIRST office hours sessions of 2017, helping your business CREATE. DEVELOP. AND GROW. Presented by Medium Four, the Knight Foundation, Venture Cafe, Quadeera Teart, and Digital Grass. Come in to receive FREE consulting and advice from featured industry experts! RSVP for an appointment instead of waiting: http://digigrass.com/event/office-hours-increasing-the-value-of-your-brand/