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Women ages 18 to 31!

Hi and welcome!
This group is about building a healthy relationship with food, fitness, and your body image! We will converse about our weight loss struggles and success!, You'll receive practical tools to apply to your fitness and weightless journey from myself and anyone else in the group that wants to share! And maybe some days we will exercise!

Most importantly its about community and connection with other women on the same path as you!

hi I am Jessica Lozano! I'm a fitness and mind-body coach for the last 10 years. My passion in life is to help other women break past their food, body image, and fitness struggles. SO they can finally see the amazing life and body that is possible for them!

I have struggled with binge eating disorder, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, negative body image, no self-worth, and a life that was very angry- filled with drama - internally and personally.
I finally broke through this mess. I found a happiness and peace in my life i didn't think was possible.
My life isn't perfect, I still have my struggles with emotional eating and negative body image issues. However, the difference is I now have the tools to get me out! And I want to share them with you!

I look forward in connecting with you!
love and fitness,

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