Walnut Creek, CA Chapter: Do You Dare To Lead


“An incredible leader who speaks from the heart,” Linda will engage, inspire and inform your audience on the mindset and methods they need to become extraordinary leaders, influencers, and change makers. Linda skillfully blends her vast professional experience in the military and corporate arenas with charming, funny personal stories that captivate as well as educate.

In Linda’s interactive presentation, you will:
- Bust the myths that great leaders are “born” and male
- Tap into and leverage your own natural leadership gifts and power
- Step out from the crowd to make change in the world
- Break the rules on what a woman leader is “supposed” to be

Create Leadership Magic through Comfluential™ Leadership
An accomplished leader, entrepreneur and gifted communicator, Linda Patten has trained thousands of men and women to step into their natural and powerful leadership roles. She has 40 years of leadership experience spanning the military (including protocol officer to a 4-star general), corporate, and entrepreneurial arenas.

Linda is now known for her high-caliber interactive keynotes and trainings on all things Leadership, and as host of her top-selling syndicated VoiceAmerica radio show, Leadership Stars.

She appears regularly on radio, TV, and stage to share her heartfelt vision of empowering women to step into leadership in their lives, careers, and world-changing movements.

You can contact Linda:
Linda Patten
Leadership Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

WEB: www.dare2leadwithlinda.com

RSVP: http://bit.ly/32J0eBg