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Are you a Compulsive Under-Earner?

Take this quiz to find out
1. Do you have little or no money left over at the end of the month?
2. Do you keep possessions that do not fully work or clothes that are threadbare?
3. Do you cycle from under-working to over-working?
4. Do you dislike your work, but take no actions to improve it?
5. Do you sabotage new income or work ideas?
6. Do you see the gross and not the net?
7. Do you feel you’ll always have to do work you don’t like to survive?
8. Are you filling up your free time with endless chores?
9. Do you fear to ask for a raise?
10. Is it frightening to ask for what you know the market will bear for your goods or services?
11. Are you afraid of spending money but sometimes go on a buying binge?
12. Are you afraid that if you spend money, no more will come in?
13. Do you feel you’ll never have enough?
14. Do you believe money will solve all your problems?
15. Are you attracted to isolation?

How did you score? If you answered yes to eight or more of these questions, you most likely have a problem with compulsive under-earning, or are on your way to having one. If this is true, today can be a turning point in your life. One road, a soft road, leads to misery, depression, anxiety, and in some cases mental institutions, prison, or suicide. The other road, a more challenging road, leads to prosperity, self-respect, and personal fulfillment. We urge you to take the first difficult step onto the more solid road now.
WOWAA focuses on building your higher earning habits combined with your higher worth, and wealth confidence, and mindset, which ultimately builds your earning power from the inside out, in a more empowered way with sustained longevity.

For many, money issues are just a symptom of deeper problems that have to do with low self-esteem, unworthiness, bad habits, survival, and emotional blocks or trauma. Despite what you hear about the law of attraction and promises of many quick fix financial empowerment programs, WOWAA is not a quick fix, nothing is; instead it will teach you how to transform your relationship with money while developing confidence, assertiveness, calmness, and peace of mind that draws cash flow to you more easily and consistently.

As being a committed member of WOWAA, you will learn how to

Track your hours (time management for wealth management)
Set goals
Plan concrete next steps to transition from “B” jobs that barely pay the bills, into doing jobs that you love that helps you pay the bills and invest in the things you love.
Develop a higher self-worth and wealth consciousness.
Develop a better and more loving relationship with self and money.
Learn the skills of the law of attraction in a healthy way that really does make you a money magnet.
Develop success habits such as better follow up and follow through skills that will increase your profit skills.

WOWAA helps you release some of the loneliness, anxiety, and despair that financial worries can cause and transform you into a valuable part of economic recovery, through your own recovery!

About Women Of Worth and Abundance (WOWAA)
WOWAA is a HOLISTIC combination of 12-step program for underearning, law of attraction training, wealth consciousness development, and emotional healing from money worries, stress, financial fears, and financial trauma.

Money worries and underearning is many things, not all of which are about money. While the most visible consequence is the inability to provide for one’s needs, including future needs, underearning is also about the inability to fully acknowledge and express our capabilities and competencies. It is about underachieving, or under-being, no matter how much money we make.

The Tools of WOWAA include, and reinforce, the tried and true tools of recovery provided by the Twelve Steps, combined with the successfully proven tools of Law of attraction and mindset training. Members of WOWAA also utilize additional Tools – both individually and with partners – to support taking action that will create lives that are full, prosperous, and grounded in serenity.

How we meet:
Meetings take place in a private office one Wednesday a month and then group check-in phone session every other Wednesday evening both at 6:45 pm.

The price is $27 a month with your first month being free to try it out.

Why do I charge?
Money is energy, which can be shaped shifted and changed into something good or bad. The first step in your healing and transformation is through developing trust in releasing your money for your higher good through investing in yourself and building your confidence and trust that your money will come back to you and bring more with it. Because this is an educational support group for many of you who have money worries and lack or poverty consciousness, I have set your charge at a very affordable rate for most every budget.

An additional note about the cost: It's nice to have an office to use with lights and AC, as well as cost to keep the group going, so all profits go towards all of that, so this is voluntary for me ;)!

Symptoms of Underearning

1. Time Indifference – We put off what must be done and do not use our time to support our own vision and further our own goals.

2. Idea Deflection –We compulsively reject ideas that could expand our lives or careers, and increase our profitability.

3. Compulsive Need to Prove – Although we have demonstrated competence in our jobs or business, we are driven by a need to re-prove our worth and value.

4. Clinging to Useless Possessions – We hold onto possessions that no longer serve our needs, such as threadbare clothing or broken appliances.

5. Exertion/Exhaustion – We habitually overwork, become exhausted, then under-work or cease work completely.

6. Giving Away Our Time – We compulsively volunteer for various causes, or give away our services without charge, when there is no clear benefit.

7. Undervaluing and Under-pricing – We undervalue our abilities and services and fear asking for increases in compensation or for what the market will bear.

8. Isolation – We choose to work alone when it might serve us much better to have co-workers, associates, or employees.

9. Physical Ailments – Sometimes, out of fear of being larger or exposed, we experience physical ailments.

10. Misplaced Guilt or Shame – We feel uneasy when asking for or being given what we need or what we are owed.

11. Not Following Up – We do not follow up on opportunities, leads, or jobs that could be profitable. We begin many projects and tasks but often do not complete them.

12. Stability Boredom – We create unnecessary conflict with co-workers, supervisors, and clients, generating problems that result in financial distress.

Come and join, I promise you this will be life changing :)!

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