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Self Care is not Selfish. We are Women on a mission; knowing, accepting , supporting, loving ourselves and other women is the destination. We will exercise the mind, body and soul. For physical exercise we will skip, jump rope, hoolahoop and more because child like fun is apart of deep healing not to mention our bodies will transform.. For the mind we will learn all forms of mindful meditation including mindful eating, walking and self awareness.... For our soul we will dance,have group Reiki, Chakra healing, support,self care tips, and more. This group is for any Women at the dreaded fork in the road, who has forgotten herself on the journey. Each class is up to 2 hours and the fee per class might fluctuate. If you honestly can not afford a class bring a friend who can pay and I will give you a free pass but please message me in advance. I have a couple of children so I can't do it all the time. YOUR SELF CARE IS THAT IMPORTANT as we go along and we all learn The Beautiful power we have to Create. Healing is the KEY. Class will be different days of the week and in different states to accommodate most. Please share this with other Women who need to be On A MissionπŸ’œ

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