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Women Outdoors National Gathering
For the Women Outdoors National Annual Gathering, women from across the country come together for 2.5 wonderful days of fun and adventure, which will be located at Becket at Chimney Corners in northwestern Massachusetts. Whether you are a hiker or biker, kayaker or swimmer, birder or star gazer, painter or poet, writer or reader, the Women Outdoors Gathering has something for almost everyone. Some of the activities at the Gathering are volunteer-led workshops, and we will be joining with Women Wellness Weekend and enjoying workshops that Becket puts on for us all, as well as our own Women Outdoors-led workshops. Members in the past have offered workshops such as orienteering, knot tying, bicycle repair, camp cooking, drumming and first aid. We've had drum circles, singing around the campfire, and a nighttime Frisbee game that was chaotic, fun mayhem! Women have a variety of options for their stay at the Gathering. Same pricing for lodge, cabin or tent. PLEASE NOTE: joining this Meetup group does not make you a WO member; you can sign up, starting at $30/year, at our organization's national site: Click on this link to read more about the Gathering and to register: *************************** Registration opens at 5:30pm on Friday. There is no boat use Friday All hikes: meet outside dining hall * Hike Basin Pond Trail, Lee MA, easy-moderate, ~2.5 hour hike 1:30pm Friday, *Hike Warner HIll (Mt. Greylock views), moderate, 1.5 miles, ~2.5 hours 1:30pm Friday, *Bike the Ashwillticook Rail Trail, casual pace, 22 miles, 2.5-3 hours of biking Sunday 1:45pm, * Hike Warner HIll (Mt. Greylock views), moderate, 1.5 miles, ~2.5 hours Sunday 1:45pm, Women Outdoors Annual Board Meeting 5:15pm Saturday at the Becket campus Come check out the board, get a feel for what we're all about, chime in as we chart our future. Open to all women. Kayaking and Canoeing Workshop Details: Using only the boats already on the Becket campus, you may bring your own paddle and pfd. To sign up at the top of the list for paddling workshops, email before the weekend. WO members first. Then first come first signup. Sat am: beginner kayaking Sat pm: intermediate-advanced kayaking Sun am: canoeing LASTLY: By clicking the "Yes" option on the RSVP link you are agreeing to the Assumption of Risk as stated below: In attending any event led by any member of this Meetup group, you agree that you've acknowledged that your general health is good and, if you participate in activities offered, that you are capable of performing physical exercise of a vigorous nature. By agreeing to this question, you're stating that you're aware that dangers and risks of varying degrees may exist during several events, such as cross-country skiing, hiking, rope climbing or more. You're also stating that you understand that those women participating in any event are considered common adventurers, each responsible for her own well-being and safety. In consideration of, and as part payment for, the right to participate in this event and related activities and services arranged by Women Outdoors, Inc., its agents and associates, you do hereby assume all risks of your participation in this event and you release and hold Women Outdoors, Inc., its agents and associates harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever which arise out of or in connection with your participation in this event and related activities arranged by Women Outdoors, Inc., its agents and associates. The terms of this release shall serve as a release and assumption of risk by your heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives

Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA

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Welcome! Women Outdoors, Inc. is a national, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization founded in 1980 to: Promote wilderness activities and competency in the out-of-doors; Develop and provide focus for a network of women who share a common interest in the out-of-doors; Serve as an educational clearinghouse, resource and support base for women taking leadership roles in the outdoors; Encourage an integrated environmentally-conscious lifestyle; and Support policies that preserve the earth’s natural resources and promote a strong environmental ethic and conservation practices. Women Outdoors is a network where women can meet other women who share their outdoor interests and values. We provide a place for women who, through the outdoors, build bridges among members of diverse outdoor skills, ages, lifestyles and cultures. Our 400+ members are spread across the United States with the largest number in the Northeast, where Women Outdoors was founded. Our Mission: To provide a supportive environment where all women can have fun and challenge themselves in a community of women who love the outdoors while respecting the Earth. Our Vision Women Outdoors is a national network of diverse women who are engaged in the enjoyment of outdoor activities. We seek to promote leadership development through member participation in biannual workshops; environmental stewardship by creating and participating in earth stewardship programs; and personal growth by offering multiple skills-based regional workshops.

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