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Hello Gorgeous Women
Welcome to Women Rise Up!

Where you can give and receive support in a variety of ways.
(This is a new group that is still evolving, be sure to attend so your voice and presence can be heard and felt)

This is a place where you get to practice being authentic, true to yourself and present with yourself and your needs. A space where you get to exercise your receiving muscle and stand in your value. An opportunity where you can connect and network with big-hearted, passionate women who have big gifts, a large vision and a common intent to share an shine!

AND, we as WOMEN, with big things to do in the world, THRIVE with support, boundaries, clear communication, awesome self-care, and an empowering practice that LOVINGLY supports the mind and body to be in alignment with our mission and vision without shaming, judging, and criticizing (which shuts us down and keeps us from forward motion).

TOGETHER we are stronger!

Most importantly, as a women, we have feelings and emotions...and often our businesses become a place where our greatest healing takes place.

How do we stay positive and make progress in our business when we are busy processing, feeling and healing?

How do we learn how to know what we want and ASK for it if we don't have a safe place to practice?

Come be seen, heard and supported, and bring friends that you feel are in alignment to this group.

In gratitude and service, Carla

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