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Why you should join Women Run and not go it alone If you're training for a race, looking to improve technique or simply want to run with like-minded Lycra groupies,Not only will you make new friends, you'll also benefit from the Healthy benefits run can give your life

#WhyNot get moving and join a running club:

We’ve all seen them on drizzly evenings in parks across the land. Lycra-clad, they bob around in groups, iPhones strapped to their biceps and fluorescent sweat bands clinging to their wrists.
These are club runners: dedicated, hard-core jogging enthusiasts who give up their free time to run en masse with fellow fitness fanatics.

If you’ve never been big on running, you’ve probably never considered joining a club. And if you do run but prefer to go it alone, you may have decided that running clubs just aren’t for you.

But now may be the perfect time to rethink your stance. Running clubs offer camaraderie, support and motivation to name a few – but more on that later.
And with the encouragement and expertise of seasoned runners to guide you, you’ll make far better progress than if you run alone.
Indeed, you’ll find your technique honed and your training made more effective by running in a club.
members love to wear their colours in races of every description, and you’ll enjoy the support and team spirit of the group when you line up at events.
Even better, your enthusiasm for jogging is less likely to wane if you join .

Make a regular commitment to join others for a training session and you’ll find it much easier to stay motivated.

That, fundamentally, is the biggest gain of joining a running club: the opportunity it provides to make new friends with whom you share common ground. These are people who you can look forward to meeting up with, knowing that in their company you are growing healthier, happier and fitter.

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