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*So many people are living with a history of emotional, physical, mental, sexual trauma, etc and may carry pains inside that is truly beyond imaginable. We all heal in our own sacred ways and I deeply believe in my core heart that we are in a moment of great transformations in which peace and freedom is available when our will is truly ready.

*Please know for everyone's consideration this meetup was set as a private meetup where only approved members have access to our events and profiles.

*This is a special group created for women who have chosen the honorable path of healing, and are in the path of going beyond victim mode, into self empowerment & care, wellness, health, love, kindness, facing it all from the higher self, and spiritual awakening. As women, soul sisters, goddesses in our own right, we can relate to each other and so we can share within our souls and be a team of light for one-another.

*It is a group meant for those hearts, who perhaps have suffered enough, and who are ready to surrender and bring forth gratitude and honestly be able to say to any painful actions "thank you for teaching me thru unkind actions the importance of kindness more and more, within and throughout".

*This group is to support each other in bringing love and divine light within every wound, emotion, and limiting thought/belief that arises.

*With practice, the crystal is dusted off more and more, and is able to again shine and sparkle brilliantly.

*This group has been created as a mission of love, by someone who's seen the ups and downs and the brilliant presence that in the now it arises.

*Gradually I feel, as we are ready, we start awakening ourselves to the infinite truth of who we really are. And for some of us, pain, has been like a propeller towards our higher selves, angels, source, enlightenment...

*So I feel we all go thru different stages of healing. The idea for me was how to face the fire and learn how not to further fuel it . Eventually I have been able to reach my soul more and more. It's a practice, at every moment. And it's more and more freeing as we allow the waves to flow and go.

*I foresee us getting together and sharing our light-worker gifts thru healing, like reiki, massage etc. As a physical therapist, yoga & tai chi instructor, whole food-plant based nutrition enthusiast, and a lover of meditation and connectedness, I plan on incorporating wellness of the body as well as of the mind and spirit. We may watch inspirational videos, we shall use different tools to propel us to higher dimensions, we may be go over ways to organize our lives better, we may learn effective communication techniques, we may have lectures with speakers, have teleconferences, share in community service, meditate together, share lots, etc.

*You may or may not be aware that meetup.com is not free for meetup organizers to maintain the site. We may ask for collaboration at certain meetup events and this will really help us keep this going and making it what it's meant to. For some meetups when it's appropriate or where there's extra expenses, etc we will have a suggested donation amount.

- Together we can really create an amazing support group here. Feel free to email me with any ideas ok. I really welcome them.

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