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Have you ever wanted to join a group of women who share your love of hiking?

This is a group for female hikers and backpackers in or around the upstate of South Carolina, who want a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. It's also a place for women to form friendships with other women who feel their best when exploring nature! Our group is not appropriate for those new to hiking or those who infrequently hike given our pace and the level of difficulty of our hikes. Most of our members are at an intermediate to advanced level.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with members to create hikes, backpacking trips, and other outdoor activities for women so that they can feel secure while out in the woods. Some of our adventures will be limited to women only, while others may allow trusted male friends or partners to join in (they must be accompanied by the group member). Dogs on the other hand, are always welcome (as long as they are friendly, on a leash, and their owner picks up after them).

Group Rules

You must be a woman to join this group.

Our group tends to hike at a moderate pace (no less than 2 miles per hour) and we have a tendency to do more moderate to challenging hikes (with one or two easier hikes a month). For those reasons, we are likely not a good fit for individuals who are brand new to hiking.

You need to have a picture that shows your face clearly to join this group- for safety purposes.

Prior to joining us for your first hike, the hike leader will contact you to touch base about who you are and who they are and to make sure the hike will be a good fit for you. We want everyone to feel safe, welcome, and prepared for our adventures.

This is a social hiking group. As such, you are responsible for yourself on a hike. No one can ensure your safety except you so please make sure you are prepared for the hikes. You can do this by reading the hike descriptions carefully, bringing a map of the area, making sure that you have all of the necessary gear- including water, food, a whistle, etc., and asking questions of the event host to be sure that you are prepared. Women Trailblazing the Carolinas is not responsible for injuries that may occur to you on our hikes. Again, this is a social group and while we look out for one another, you are responsible for yourself.

If you cancel on an event within 24 hours of that event, please contact the host with an apology/explanation. This is a collaborative group and as such it is important that we show respect for each other. When you cancel on a friend you reach out to them and I think it’s important that in this group we do the same for one another. It’s the nice thing to do :) If last minute cancellations or no- shows happen too often, you will be removed from the group.

Please do not "hold spots" on hikes. Only sign up for a hike if you are relatively sure you can attend. If we notice a pattern of you holding a spot and then backing out for hikes, you will be removed from the group. This is a large group and holding spots makes it harder for people who want to attend to be able to.

Please try to be 15 minutes early for a hike. That way if you run into traffic you’ve got some extra time to make it to the meeting location on time. We will wait 5 minutes past the start time for hikers but no longer than that. That way we can finish on time and not hold up the whole group.

We have decided to start charging dues of $5 per year for the group. These will be used to pay the costs of having the meetup group on this site and (if we have anything leftover), to pay for speakers/guests for lectures/events.

We are a leave no trace group, meaning that we pack out everything that we pack in- including pet waste. Please do not litter while on the trail!

Feel free to ask questions of the event hosts or the group organizer whenever you have them.

Our hike rating system is based on 1 to 5 "hiking boots". A description of what each level means can be found below. We may label some hikes slightly differently based on trail conditions and technical difficulty of the trail but this gives you a rough idea!

One hiking boot= 500/600 feet elevation gain maximum. No more than 6 miles. Fairly mellow hike

Two hiking boots= 1000 feet elevation gain or under. No more than 8 miles. Mellow hike with some climbs.

Three hiking boots= 1000-2000 feet elevation gain. No more than 9 miles. Moderate hike with climbs.

Four hiking boots= 2000-2500+ feet elevation gain. No more than 12 miles. Challenging hike.

Five hiking boots= 3000+ feet elevation gain. Very challenging hike.

Have fun :)

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