What we're about

Hello Ladies-
Welcome to Walks & Wags...
We are a group of ladies who love our fur babies and love to get some fresh air and exercise at the sametime.
Summer: Temperatures over 95°F ( unless your dogs have booties) we leave our fur babies at home. Winter: Anything over a light Rain, the meetup is cancelled.
Dogs: Dogs must be over 6 months of age & fully vaccinated.
If your dog is dog aggressive, you can't join group.
We are a pitbull friendly group.

Upcoming events (1)

Shasta Dam Walk

Shasta Dam Visitor Center parkin lot

We will walk from the visitors parking lot across the dam and back... For a nice 3 mile walk.

Past events (1)

First Meet Up.... Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge At Turtle Bay

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