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Aloha ladies!

This year I set some tangible goals for myself and one of them included starting a "meet up" for other women. As a life coach, author, and speaker, I have seen a surge of women who are also on a similar path. I also speak with many women who would like to start any of one these. I believe we attract the energy we create as well as finding the people meant to help us along our journey.

I currently have access to a space that fosters creativity. This group is for the sole purpose of bringing women together who want to take things to the next level for themselves. This is for women entreprenuers, for Moms, for authors, for coaches, for speakers, for consultants, for women who want to start podcasts, for women who want to practice speaking in front of other people, for women who need the support of like minded women, for women who are looking for more resources and guidance, for women who want to be around other motivated and inspiring women.

For the first month, I would like to open the doors for free as we build and grow. This space will have access to:
- meeting area
- stage area for public speaking
- filming space
- green screen
- podcast studio
- voice over recording capabilities
- & more

Together we will come up with ideas, share resources, and collectively support each other on how we can elevate ourselves to the next level.

Look forward to meeting everyone!!

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4000 W Burbank Blvd

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