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Can we create a supportive environment for women to learn and grow their cannabis business? Yes we can! Can we come together and economically support one another? Yes we can! Is there enough room in the cannabis space for each of us to grow individually and economically? Yes there is! Can we provide educational workshops, tools, resources, and more designed by women for women to get involved in cannabis? Yes we can! Can we pool economic resources and create an investment fund to support other women owned cannabis start-ups in Atlanta and beyond? Yes we can! We are women who can and will write Legislators, make phone calls, organize, and lead the way for generations to come in this explosive new industry. Are you a woman who CAN? Then join us!

We are an active group that meets regularly, networks frequently, and shares information rapidly. Our original group started in Atlanta, but we are planting seeds with other close knit sister groups across the Southeast. Let us know if you want to start a group in your city. Our simple request is that we build with women who actually want to join a group with the philosophy of taking action. Our meetups are always free to visit. Our regular membership is flexible, affordable. Out goal is to be accessible to women from all economic backgrounds.

Visit www.WomenWhoCANnabis.com

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Georgia World Cannabis Conference

Switchyards Downtown Club

1st Meet and Greet of 2019

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Women Who Can Workshop & Conference

Gallery 992

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