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Talk Night

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Aleksandra G. and 4 others


Women and femme coders will talk about more advanced topics in programming. We'll have two lightning talks and one longer talk (30 minutes).

The agenda for the evening:

7:00pm - Start: get yourself a drink and a snack

7:20pm - Community Announcements

7:30pm - Brush, Ink & Code – The Making of a Font by Ulrike

8:00pm - Break

8:15 pm - What makes you successful in your job? by Barbara Pogorzelska

8:30pm - Computer Science and Movie Making? by Lena

About the speakers

Ulrike is a Berlin-based type designer and letterer Ulrike Rausch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from Potsdam University of Applied Science (Germany). In 2009 Ulrike founded her own type foundry called LiebeFonts, providing high-quality typefaces and hand-crafted letterings with a charming personality and obsessive attention to detail. Website:

Barbara works as a Software Development Manager in a machine learning group at Amazon. Originally, she joined Amazon as a Technical Program Manager. Prior to Amazon, she was a programmer and a forecast expert at Lufthansa. When not at work, she trains for her next dancing competition or for the next city run.

Lena is Professor of Visual Media Technologies at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Before that she worked as Phd researcher at the University of Stuttgart in the field of Computer Graphics. In 2015 she spent three months at Adobe Research in the US. Prior to her life in academia she worked as programmer and as 3D artist in the Visual Effects industry.

Talk Abstracts:

Brush, Ink & Code – The Making of a Font

Ulrike will show how she designs typefaces and how she builds fonts. Ulrike will also demonstrate how nerdy OpenType programming adds just the right analog touch to her handwriting style. You will learn how to use pro fonts like a pro—no matter if you use layout software like Adobe InDesign or a standard word processor like Microsoft Word.

What makes you successful in your job?

Solving your tasks right probably makes you happy. It is one of many must-have requirements to make you successful at work. Navigating through the opportunities and challenges of career development is probably complex but it is definitely very exciting. In this talk I will give you a 360-degree overview of topics that were crucial for me when working as an SDE and are evergreens since I started to help others develop their careers.

Computer Science and Movie Making?

Developing software is in itself a fun and satisfying task. But isn't it a nice add-on when in the end your software helped to create the beautiful imagery of a movie? Also, novel technologies are constantly pushing the art of movie making further. Wouldn't it be exciting to develop the next push? In this talk I will give examples -based on my own career- of how and where computer science and movie making come together.