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7:00 pm - Come in
7:35 pm - Announcements

Talk 1 - Review Code Like a Bestselling Book by Sarah Köhler
Talk 2 - Apply team canvas to create a productive team environment by Mayra Bautista
Talk 3 - Introduction to Server Side Swift and Vapor by Heidi Puk Herman
10pm - End

*Review Code Like a Bestselling Book*
Code reviews are important, but hard to do right. What can we learn from the book publishing process to make code reviews easier and more valuable for everyone?

*Apply team canvas to create a productive team environment*
In our daily business we tend to talk a lot about roadmaps, plans, OKRs and KPIs, but when it comes to teamwork, things you don’t talk about tend to matter the most. In order to promote and maintain a sustainable creative culture within a (fast growing) team, The Team Canvas workshop will help you to have a structured conversation and bring team members on the same page.

In the talk she would like to share our experience with this framework and some of the outcomes and concrete measures we successfully implemented. See

*Introduction to Server Side Swift and Vapor*
Most people know Swift as the language iOS apps are build in, but that is not all it can be used for. In December 2015 Swift was made open-source and with that came Server-side Swift. Heidi will give us an introduction to Server-side Swift and show how to get started with the most popular framework, Vapor.


Sarah is a software developer at Searchmetrics. She also has a degree in Book Science and wanted to work in publishing before she fell in love with programming. @Go_Haimchen

Mayra Bautista leads the UX and Design team at kloeckner.i in Berlin. She is passionate about designing products and services that solve real customer problems and add value to the business. Mayra holds a degree in Information Design from the Stuttgart Media University (HdM).
The Mexican designer sees life as a prototype and thinks that good user experience never happens by chance. @infodesignerd

Heidi is a self-made Swift and Vapor developer. With a background in Physics and teaching she transitioned into the exciting world of software development just over a year ago. Today she works as a Backend Junior Vapor Developer at Nodes agency, an international agency with offices all around Europe. @HeidiPuk

kloeckner.i stands for the digitalisation of the steel industry. Against the status quo. With the aid of our digital tools we are revolutionising order and delivery processes in the steel industry. This way we grant a transparent flow of information between all relevant actors in the supply chain. Not only do we want to provide our customers and suppliers with quick and efficient solutions, but more importantly, we want to make practicability and intuitiveness the focus of our work.

Through a deep understanding of the industry and extensive digital knowhow we have been able to successfully realise and rollout a number of projects companywide.