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Learn iOS Development with Alicia! --Denver

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I am very excited to announce that Alicia Farley Key will be guiding the group through a basic to intermediate iOS workshop! She will cover the following topics:

- The major frameworks of CocoaTouch (the iOS API) and what they let you do.
- In broad strokes, key design patterns for iOS (delegate/data source, target-action, observer, singleton) - iOS is event-driven (as in the code has its execution paths initiated by UI events, network events, etc)
- Objective-C method signatures (not difficult, but they take some people aback at first)

And then into a hands-on workshop of "Hello World" in iOS.

What you will need:
A recent MacBook Pro with Xcode 5 installed (available for free from the App Store) They should install and execute it for the first time before they come to the meeting because it is a multi-gigabyte install, and after they run it for the first time, it will download a few hundred megabytes of additional material.

For those without an Apple Developer Connection membership (and corresponding corresponding cryptographic certificate and provisioning profiles) they can just run their example in the iOS developer

For those with ADC membership, they can help their fellow attendees.

Alicia's Bio:
"I'm a Colorado native, and taught myself electronics and software development since I was about 10 years old when I first started hacking on a 40 pound IBM "Portable" PC and wielding a soldering iron, 555s, 6800, TTL logic ICs, C and a little assembly and machine code. Fast forward to a few years ago, though, I got tired of the sun, so I took a break for graduate school where I studied physical chemistry, biochemistry, and computational science at University of Washington in Seattle in the Departments of Chemistry and Computer Science and Engineering. Now I am back in Colorado,doing iOS development, and loving it."


6:00-6:30 - Mingle, Eat/Drink, and Welcome/Housekeeping

6:45- 8:00 - iOS presentation and workshop!

Please feel free to email me at [masked], if you have any questions!

Please Note: This group is only open to people that identify as women. Emphatically queer- and trans-friendly.