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What the Heck is a Hackathon? - Denver

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What the heck is a hackthon?! Is it illegal? Does it involve running? Maybe you know what a hackathon is, but are nervous to participate. Or maybe you’ve been to a few and are ready to level up and win some prizes next time!

Hear from a stellar panel of expert hackathon winners and planners, as they talk about what it's like to participate in a hackathon, how to prepare, and how to win.

Chiu-Ki Chan ( Started her Android app Monkey Write ( at a hackathon

Pamela Cortez ( Hacker, Maker, Developer, and inventor of things. I’ve planned and judged hackathons, both small (NodeCopter.js) and large (SFE + AT&T), and challenged others to caffeine filled, overnight hackathons. I can help give advice on what the judges are looking for.

Adrian DeBarros ( sysadmin and hacker of everything web, words and graphics.

Mark Scheel ( Hackathon team winnings in excess of $30,000 and immeasurable good times had! Android developer and usually the leader/presenter/head of shenanigans.

Margaret Spyker, GISP, LEED GA ( GIS and Data Analyst, wrangling and curating datasets for the Go Code Colorado 2015 Statewide App Challenge (

This event is intended for all levels, from curious about coding to experienced developer. We will have plenty of time for audience Q&A, so bring your questions and get ready for an awesome night!


6:00-6:30 - Mingle, Eat/Drink, and Welcome/Housekeeping

6:45- 8:00 - Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A