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As we all find ourselves in our homes instead of out and about these days. We’ve decided to bring our events to you!

Join WWCodeMobile in learning about open source!

It’s an online event through zoom! Make sure to register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN__XGuxVRlQ3uxvD3X9-t1AA

• This workshop will begin with Vui giving a brief talk on open source contribution, covering: finding a project, selecting a good first issue, and making your first contribution.

• Then, we'll move onto the "work" portion of the workshop for the next half hour or so, which will take place on the WWCode Mobile Slack.

• For those who'd like practice with Git and submitting PRs, in a low pressure environment, Vui will be moderating a "simple" open source repo (modifying a README file, no code), while others are free to find an issue to get started on.

• There will be an iOS/Swift maintainer available to assign issues for those interested, and possibly maintainers of other languages, if Vui can make those connections in time for the workshop.

• The entire workshop, including talk and assigning of PRs, if applicable, will last about an hour. Attendees may continue working on issues on their own after the workshop is over.

About the Speaker:
Vui Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer, iOS and Embedded/IoT

Vui Nguyen is a long time software engineer, who in the past few years has worked in JavaScript, cross platform mobile, IoT, and native iOS development. During that time, Vui has contributed to iOS and JavaScript open source projects. For 2 years, Vui supported SimplyE, an ebook reader app for libraries, while working for the Minitex organization, by contributing to the open source repos of the New York Public Library and Minitex.

Recently, she attended Write/Speak/Code, where she was assigned an open source issue and had her PR merged. From that experience, she hopes to help others get started in open source by teaching this workshop.

Twitter: @sunfishgurl
Website: www.sunfishempire.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vuinguyen/

Join us at womenwhocode.com/mobile