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    I am an artist with a background in education. I started learning JavaScript last spring with Thinkful, and enjoy helping peers in Women Who Code and Techtonica learn git, css, React, jQuery, etc.
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    Hi there, I am a developer in Java and in a little bit of C. I want to keep learning and meet new people who are keen about programming.
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    Developer at Carbon Five, a digital product development consultancy.
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    I code as a hobby.
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    map lover and software engineer. nataliamargolis.tech
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    I am the founder of the Personal and Professional Development Network (check it out on Meetup for networking and free workshops) and an organizer of Women Who Code. I am passionate about creating communities and helping people achieve their goals.
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    I'm a software engineer at Fitbit.
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    Cal alumna and Ruby on Rails developer.
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    Front End Web Developer with a B. S. in Computer Science specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.
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    I am a lover of JavaScript and its various frameworks. Second to JavaScript, I love learning!
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    iOS Developer on the prowl, always looking for new ways to learn!
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    Women Who Code
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    Hi I work at Zoosk in marketing and I want to take an advantage to learn Javascript at Zoosk!
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    I'm a full stack software engineer.
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    I started learning to code mid 2013 for fun. I made a few math games in Python and am now scripting in Unity3D with Javascript. I just released my first game, Paper Mouse for Cats on the app store, March 21st 2014. It's an iPad game for cats.
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    I'm an iOS Developer who moved from Germany to SF in October 2015
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    Hello World, I'm a project-oriented, hacker-scientist type, now budding android junkie. I thrive in fast-paced and rapidly-changing environments that bombard me with intellectual stimulation and am always on the lookout to amp up my nerd-fitness.
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    I'm a programmer who is always excited to learn more.
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    Expanding my knowledge of all things coding
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    Excited about getting more involved in the coding community.
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    I am super interested in becoming a greater part of the programming and startup communities.
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    Women Who Code event organizer who loves helping empowering people and who wants to continue expand my web development skills
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