Workshop: Machine Learning and Edge Computing

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Join us on a Workshop on Machine Learning and Edge Computing.
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This workshop will help you get familiarised with the powerful use of deep learning models on the small devices.
We will tackle the problem of recognising hand gestures by using the RealSense depth sensing camera and then run our model on the edge using Intel’s Neural Compute Stick.

Workshop facilitators are Archana Iyer and Soham Chatterjee.

Archana Iyer is a graduate student at National University of Singapore where she is doing a Master's by Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She previously worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for a year and a half at a Pharma IT company; Saama Technologies in Chennai, India. She has published several papers in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP, one of which was published in ACL 2019. (

Soham Chatterjee as a co-facilitator and co-Innovator of Archana, is a graduate student at NTU doing a Master's by Research. He previously worked as a Deep Learning Research at Saama Technologies. His main areas of interest/research are Deep Learning, IoT and Quantum Computing. Apart from that, he loves working on open-source projects, and is currently working on IndicNLP which is an effort to adapt NLP techniques for India Languages.

10:00 AM: Introductions
10:15 AM: Workshop
12:00 PM: Lunch
12:45 PM: Workshop continues
2:30 PM: Wrap Up

Workshop Prerequisites:-
Python, Basics of Deep Learning and Neural Networks, Familiarity with TensorFlow/Keras

Please bring your own laptop.
Please arrive before 10:00am

All attendees kindly read and abide by the Women Who Code Code of Conduct -