FPSyd and WWC Special Event

This is a past event

77 people went

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On December 9, Jed from FPSyd/ScalaSyd has invited three speakers from YOW! (two of whom are keynote speakers) and has extended the invitation to WWC members :)

The speakers are:

Using a Declarative Description Language to Tame Ad Hoc Data: An Overview of the PADS project

Kathleen Fisher
Tufts University, former Program Manager at DARPA

The goal of the PADS project is to make it easier for data analysts to extract useful information from ad hoc data files. This talk gives an overview of the project and how it helps bridge the gap between the unmanaged world of ad hoc data and the managed world of typed programming languages and databases. In particular, the paper reviews the design of PADS data description languages, describes the generated parsing tools and discusses the importance of meta-data. It also sketches the formal semantics, discusses useful tools and how can they can be generated automatically from PADS descriptions, and describes an inferencing system that can learn useful PADS descriptions from positive examples of the data format.

Women are from Mars and Men from Venus

Dr. Anita Sengupta (@Doctor_Astro (http://twitter.com/Doctor_Astro))
Research Professor, University of Southern California, Dept of Astronautics and Space Technology

Sometimes the Questions are Complicated, but the Answers are Simple

Indu Alagarsamy (@Indu_alagarsamy (http://twitter.com/Indu_alagarsamy))
Developer at Particular Software

Research indicates that a more diverse group of people can solve problems better, come up with more creative solutions than a homogenous group. However, most industries are predominantly white male. Why?

The hardest possible thing is to know what you don’t know. Understand your bias. Being aware of your hidden biases can help you to look at things differently, to unlock completely different perspectives. Understand the challenges that women face in today’s industries. See how you can help to be more inclusive and create a more open and diverse culture where you work.

More detailed speaker bios
Kathleen (https://a.confui.com/-PLH2WDH5), Anita (https://a.confui.com/-LSOeXhmO), Indu (https://a.confui.com/-Bo0C8iKB)

Rough agenda

6:00pm - Arrive + dinner
6:30pm - Presentations (see above)
9:00pm - Home time

Prerequisites: None