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What we're about

Do you want to hear interesting, funny, inspiring stories from other women, without getting preached to, lectured at, or sold to?

Then Women Who Kick Ass is for you.

This is not the kind of meetup where everyone just whinges, and you leave feeling depressed about the state of the world. This is the kind of meetup where we focus on how we can change things. The kind of meetup where we teach and learn from each other, but through storytelling and art, not with motivational speeches or long powerpoints.

We want to give a stage to women who are creating change, and we want to equip all women with the knowledge, tools, and network to do the same.


Here's what we promise:

• Better networking: No standing around awkwardly, or having boring repeated conversations centered around 'Where do you work? What do you do for a living?' We're experimenting with different networking games and activities to help you have more interesting conversations right off the bat.

• Fun, informative talks: We want to get women to come up and share things they've learned or done, by telling us a story. We're vehemently against sales pitches, fluffy motivational speeches, getting lectured to, or being preached at. If you're giving up your time to spend the evening with us, we want you to enjoy it regardless of your experience or seniority, not feel like it's a drag.

• Audience participation: We think our attendees have as much to offer as our speakers. So we want them to also ask questions, and to answer questions. We open the floor so anyone with expertise can contribute.

• Good food and drinks: Because if you're giving up your evening, you should at least get fed well.

• All about women: We collect a $10 donation that goes straight to sending girls in war torn countries to school. We use female owned caterers. Whenever we need any goods or services, we'll think about how we get women and other minorities involved.

• It won't feel like work: This meetup is about how to kick ass. Those lessons can be applied at home, or at work, or wherever you'd like. But this will never feel like work. We want you to feel excited and inspired - not exhausted.

• We'll get better with time: We want to experiment with different, fun activities, and we're focused on constantly improving, based on your feedback. So if you've got ideas, send them our way. We'll listen, and we'll act on them.

Note: We are non-negotiably open to everyone who identifies as a ‘woman’, be it trans, non-binary, intersex, or something else.

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