What we're about

This group is for fellow female entrepreneurs, business owners and start up dreamers.
Creating your own empire can be isolating and a lot of hard work.
It can be a challenging transitioning from working in a team to working by yourself, with no one to bounce your ideas off, or even to just have a social natter with at the photocopier.
As supportive as our friends and family are, we need that community of fellow dream builders around us to share our experiences, normalise our worries and to let ourselves have fun.
We really don't need to feel guilty about not working 24 hours a day.

This group is NOT a networking group, its NOT about selling your business to other women and swapping business cards.

It is about openly sharing our experiences of building a business. A space where we can openly express our concerns, worries or learnings. To lift each other up whilst letting our hair down and having fun.

This is an informal group, and group participation is very much welcomed in the planning of our meet ups.
Whether it be for Coffee, dinner, or a night on the town!

Upcoming events (1)

Online meet up

Needs a location

Being a busy business owner or side hustler takes up a lot of time, and whilst I know we all want to be part of this group and get to know and start supporting each other, time and location I'm sure is a challenge. So after some thinking I thought we'd give an online meeting a go. That way we can all connect from where ever we are, say hello and share our stories. If this is a successful platform we could continue with a regular online meeting to keep up the momentum of support. The meetings will either be in a closed group on facebook or via zoom. Let me know your preferences. To be part of the meeting once you have RSVP'd I will send you a private message with the details to join. I look forward to getting lots of us together to meet and chat.