What we're about

This group is for fellow female entrepreneurs, business owners and start up dreamers.
Creating your own empire can be isolating and a lot of hard work.
It can be a challenging transitioning from working in a team to working by yourself, with no one to bounce your ideas off, or even to just have a social natter with at the photocopier.
As supportive as our friends and family are, we need that community of fellow dream builders around us to share our experiences, normalise our worries and to let ourselves have fun.
We really don't need to feel guilty about not working 24 hours a day.

This group is NOT a networking group, its NOT about selling your business to other women and swapping business cards.

It is about openly sharing our experiences of building a business. A space where we can openly express our concerns, worries or learnings. To lift each other up whilst letting our hair down and having fun.

This is an informal group, and group participation is very much welcomed in the planning of our meet ups.
Whether it be for Coffee, dinner, or a night on the town!

We have a private closed facebook group linked to this group to stay in touch beyond the meet ups.
All are welcome to join, if you want to become part of the community, send me a message and I will send you an invitation to join.

Finally, I was asked why I chose to limit this group to female entrepreneurs only.
Here is my response: The energy's of masculine and feminine are very different. Strong masculine energy is directional, single focused and goal orientated.
Strong feminine energy is creative, expansive and ever changing.
We are all a mixture of masculine and feminine energy, regardless of whether you are male of female and we need both to succeed in life and business.
However most of us naturally are stronger in one energy than an other. If you spend too much time in an energy that is not your dominant state it becomes physically and emotionally draining.
By my own experience I know that being too in my masculine leaves me feeling exhausted.
The idea in this group is to support creative ideas, share knowledge, best practice, challenging situations that you want to talk through with someone else that understands and may be going through or gone through a similar thing. Not goal setting and problem solving in tight deadlines. More of a community of support and kindness with fellow entrepreneurs. That is not to say that in the future we won't open this group up to a larger audience if the demand is there.

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