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If you are ready for peace and ready to make a difference, this is the group for you. Women for Peace is made up of circles of women of all faiths and cultures who share the dream/vision of peace. As women, we know something important about peace and this moment in history. We know it from our rich experiences in the world and we know it from a place of deep wisdom within. Our unique patterns of knowing are part of a larger pattern of feminine wisdom being called forth at this time in service of this Earth and of humanity. We are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who are ready to raise human consciousness to that of peace.

This is going to be a different kind of conversation, a structured opportunity for each woman to speak from her heart and to listen deeply to others. We are small circles of women meeting locally all across the globe forming a huge web of Women for Peace. We demonstrate oneness by women of diverse cultures and spiritual beliefs coming together to discuss bringing peace to the Denver Metro Area and the world. As the circles spread they create an interlocking world wide web of peace consciousness. We envision the Circles of Peace being an instrument where humanity awakens to its spiritual magnificence and where every person discovers their personal power and ability to create a life of peace and love. Members take personal responsibility right where they are to sustain peace in their daily life in every area of their community.

When people gather in a sacred circle, a space of collective consciousness and wisdom is created which inspires collective passion. When the members of the circle go about their daily lives, the consciousness continues with them throughout the week until they gather again, at which time the collective peace consciousness grows larger and brighter. The world is crying and praying for peace. It is a safe, nurturing and validating circle of people focused on peace and love for all. The circles are the microcosm of a One Global Family where each member honors and values their interconnectedness through spiritual wisdom and experience and the macrocosm expands to the interconnectedness of all life. The Circles of Peace become a network for the emergence of the global consciousness of peace and love for all life. We envision the circles providing a culture of forgiveness between the diverse faiths and cultures which spreads into the community. This Group offers a safe and sacred space where women can explore the edges of women’s spiritual leadership. This vibrant community of inter-generational women from diverse spiritual traditions is engaged in a bold experiment to discover new ways of doing things that are in alignment with feminine principle, always remaining open to guidance from Spirit.

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