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Women of all backgrounds and life experiences getting together to have fun and support each other. So often we get caught up in what we can't do or don't have time for that we forget how many possibilities are available to us. This group is to get a women together and share about where we are in life, what's missing and how we can support and inspire each other to live life powerfully and live a life you love! The setting will be relaxed and there is no agenda. Please come say hi and feel welcome to build new friendships.

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Goal Setting: The Most Necessary Skill of All

The Gem Saloon

What is the most productive thing you can do at this moment? Being a successful business owner requires that you know how to answer that question at any given moment. Effective goal setting and planning are the foundation of creating a happy and successful life. Not only does such planning increase your productivity, but it increases your income and your sense of fulfillment as well. Too many people avoid this critical task because it seems overly complicated and difficult. But it does not have to be that way. In this workshop, you will learn how to use VGA (Vision, Goals, Action), a powerfully simple planning strategy to increase your productivity, income, and happiness. VGA grounds your dreams and makes your great ideas possible by laying out what needs to happen next. VGA allows you to focus on short term goals while keeping in sight your long term vision. VGA reveals the immediate actions you need to take to create the balanced and successful life you desire. This event is put on by BIG www.believeinpiregrow.com Speaker: Kesha Moore http://www.yourlifeinfocuscoach.com First-time guests $15 Pay here or at the door https://www.believeinspiregrow.com/store/ViewProduct.aspx?id=13050627 Returning guest drop in $35 Pay here or at the door https://www.believeinspiregrow.com/store/ViewProduct.aspx?id=11678151

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