Agile Wedding Planning with Katrina Tanner

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As a bridesmaid in four weddings and guest or interested observer at many more, I have learned that weddings can bring memories of love or hate. Bring tears of joy or pain. I find they tend to be the “make you or break you” moment in relationships or even wallets. But most of all, people just talk about how hard and chaotic the wedding planning process can be.

So when my husband and I had six months to plan our own wedding, we knew we wanted to do it strategically. We are both in the Agile industry and had success using Kanban for managing multiple large scale projects at work, and we figured it might work to do this at home.

This talk is a short and sweet overview of how we setup our Kanban board - epic, features and stories for wedding events. I will also give an overview of how we integrated goals, feedback loops, and prioritization throughout the wedding planning process.

KATRINA TANNER is a native GA peach with parts of her heart in Dallas, Texas and now in Sterling, VA where she lives with her husband, John and step-daughter, Evie. Katrina is an alumni of Kennesaw State University where she earned a M.S. in Conflict Management in 2011 and B.B.A. in International Business with Marketing and Spanish in 2008. Katrina is a Product Owner for Equifax and prior to that she worked as an Engagement Analyst for LeadingAgile, where she caught the Agile bug. She and her husband, John, have a family Kanban Board that they initiated while planning their wedding, she builds vision boards, and is passionate about personal accountability partnerships and reaffirms that Agile can be used within any environment - personal and professional. Katrina volunteers with Standby Task Force (a digital humanitarian aid network), is pursuing a four year certificate in Advanced Biblical Studies, and enjoys traveling, writing, and checking out new restaurants and bars.