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Women in Agile KC Chapter meeting

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Practicing Agility at a New Organization

Change is hard isn’t it?

As Agile Coaches, we typically don’t find ourselves embarking on a new adventure in our career in which agile methods are already in place and things are running perfectly. As Agile Coaches, we are brought in to be change agents when change is needed. Alas, when we start a new job, we must, in essence, start over and embrace change ourselves.

In this session, Jill Parsons will talk through tips she has learned to help aid in practicing agility at a new organization, how to throw assumptions out the window, and present ideas for building trust among your peers. After all, when starting a new position, we’re the newbie, and trust is best kept when earned.

Jill has been an agile enthusiast since 2008 and has worked with agile teams in the insurance, shipping, and healthcare industries. She is currently the Director of Agile Transformation at eSolutions.

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