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Personal Traction: Got Message!?

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Professional relationships these days move at the speed of Google! Seeking clients, collaborators or investors feels like a non-stop dance. A crazy dance with opportunies missed, contacts slipped, and relationships strained. It’s networking overload. How to win that game?
Be Memorable. Be understandable, be engaging and especially offer value.
Sounds good! But maybe it also sounds impossible. It is possible when you have something others don’t:

A compelling message!

You’ll be delighted and excited by the progress you can make in a just a few hours with Silicon Valley’s Pitch Doctor Roy Terry.

Your message is that essential cluster of information + emotion that captures your unique value, that interests and engages. Like a USP or posioning statement, many entrepreneurs struggle with the words, the sequence, the content. They study marketing blogs and books and attend presentations, only to be discouraged when the magic formula can’t be discovered. And that’s a sad mistake. Because what’s really needed in messaging is the Nike rule: just do it.

Roy Terry has live coached literally hundreds of startup founders, and entrepreneurs to create better messages on the fly. Good messages have a structure and pattern and that’s the secret to progress. In this Message Intensive workshop, you’ll arrange your content in several formats, practice the delivery, get live coaching as well as peer feedback. You’ll definitely break through and break out of habits, verbiage, and beliefs holding you back.

Get the message that captures your true value in only 3 hours.

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