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"Visualising data on interactive maps using spruce-leaf" :- Anna Pawlicka is a data engineer at Mastodon C. She crunches big data with Hadoop, Cascalog and Cassandra and visualises it with open source technology. Anna is a recent QMUL graduate. When she's not programming, she's either hiking, cooking or listening to Iron Maiden."

The talk will introduce a visualisation grammar called spruce-leaf. Spruce-leaf is a declarative format for creating interactive leaflet maps. The talk is aimed at developers and non-developers alike - no programming knowledge is necessary. With spruce-leaf you can describe the visualisation in JSON format: merge your shapefile (e.g. map of CCG areas in the UK) with CSV data, colour the features, add legend and hover-on information box.

"How to Take Away the Pain of Digital Project Management: Understanding the Power of Commitment and Consistency." :- Mark Stringer has been working in digital product research, innovation and management for the last 20 years. He has worked for IBM, Xerox and Cambridge University, as well as working for a number of small start-up companies. He now works as an Agile Coach and trainer. In his spare time he is developing a series of seminars and training courses that aim to help people improve their experience of working in the digital industries. The working title for these seminars is "Late and Over-Budget" but that will probably change.

The principle of commitment and consistency is one of the most powerful governors of human action. We all like to honour commitments and be consistent with what we have previously said and done. On the whole this is a good thing. But in the often uncertain climate of software development our desire to do the right thing can be manipulated and abused resulting in us making promises that we cannot honour. Often the result is that we feel bad.

In this talk I explain briefly the power of the principle of commitment and consistency. I then talk about some of the strategies that can be used to avoid making promises we know we can't keep and how we can use the power of this principle to make our experience of working in the world of software development more positive.